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Scentamazing™ Gardenia

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 Magnificent flowers and charmingly sweet aromas are what you get with the Southern Living Plant Collections Scentamazing™ Gardenia. This stunning evergreen shrub refuses to disappoint! The petite dark green rounded leaves provide the stage for the fragrantly creamy white single-form blooms to truly pop! Expect the Scentamazing™ to begin blooming in mid to late spring and to continue to re-bloom cyclically during summer and autumn. Plant the Scentamazing in well-drained garden soil and fertilize once yearly in spring to make sure it stays happy and healthy.

Planting Instructions

  • Water before planting
  • Plant in Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Dig hole 3X the width of pot,
  • Backfill and plant 1"-2" above soil level
  • Water and add more soil if needed
  • Mulch plants
  • Fertilize in early spring with a slow-release balanced fertilizer 


Plant Name
Scentamazing Gardenia
Scientific Name
Gardenia jasminoides 'Leetwo' PPAF
Brand Name
Southern Living Plant Collection
Full sun to part shade
Fragrant white blooms begin in late spring, reblooming summer through fall
Avg. Dimensions
3.5 feet H x 3-4 feet W
USDA Zones
USDA Zones 7-10
Well-drained garden soil
Water as needed
Compact Habit, Cut Flowers, Reblooming, Year-Round Interest
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4 Reviews

15th Oct 2017

Scentamazing Gardenia

I received two very healthy plants. They are a nice size and quite compact. I have already planted them in my garden and if they do well I will order a few more. This is South Florida and gardenias do so well here that many become huge bushes so a small size is most welcome. I can't wait to see the blooms!

9th Jun 2017

Beauty in a Box

Wow! Out of the box came a deep green healthy plant with flowers growing on it already. Can't wait to get these (bought 2 of them -- each arrived safely and gorgeously) in pots outside the house. Looking forward to that wonderful gardenia fragrance.

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