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clay soil
Gardening Tips

Clay Soil and What to Do About It

Clay soil is quite common in the United States and it can be quite a pain for gardeners to deal with too. For a couple of different reasons. Common Gardening Problems Caused by Clay Soil: Problem #1: Clay soil retains quite a bit of moisture. Any plant that is susceptible to

garden spring cleaning
Gardening Tips

Spring Cleaning Your Garden

After a long, cold winter it’s finally time to step back into the garden, but “Where to begin?” you might ask. Spring cleaning your garden is an important step for getting your plants off on the right foot. We’re going to go through some steps that should help get your

Garden Perennial care
Gardening Tips

Perennial Care in Your Garden

Perennials are some of the most rewarding plants around for gardeners, and fortunately, perennial care isn’t so difficult. With a little extra attention, these prolific bloomers will be around for years bringing you flower after flower. These are some of our tips for getting the most out of your perennials.

rose dormancy
Gardening Tips

Rose Dormancy for the Modern Gardener

Rose dormancy is nature’s way of making sure that roses see next spring by preventing damage from freezing temperatures. Inside the stems, cell sap will thicken making the plant additionally cold hardy and capable of withstanding long winters. The rose will then go into a hibernation-type state where it will slow down its metabolic systems, and […]

Gardening Tips

Properly establishing your new potted plant with

Properly establishing your new potted plant from is crucial to its health and growth. This part of the process
is extremely important, but is often overlooked, done hastily, and incorrectly.
Here are some suggested steps that will help optimize the development of your
new plants.Step1: Read up on the proper sunlight and water exposure
for the variety of plant […]

Gardening Tips

Its spring time and Murder is in the Air!!! Crepe Murder!!!

Its spring time and Murder is in the Air!!!All around your town as spring
approaches you see beautiful large crepe myrtles that are just about to wake up
and start blooming being mutilated into knobby disfigured victims. This is no
way to treat your slumbering friends. Here are some quick tips to keep you from
becoming the local chainsaw wielding […]

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