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Abelia is a genus of flowering shrubs native to Asia and Mexico, known for their charming and fragrant flowers that are white or pink and tubed shaped.

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Abelia's are evergreen to semi evergreen shrubs that are members of the honeysuckle family. Abelia's are most commonly found in landscapes as they provide expressive colors and depth into areas that otherwise may remain empty. While there are a number of Abelia varieties our Abelia shrubs are dwarf cultivars making them great for foundational plants due to their compact size and density. In addition to foundational growth and landscaping dwarfs are suitable for container growth and can make a striking statement near any entryway. Miss Lemon™ Abelia for example, is a variegated shrub whose foliage is quite impressive and definitely makes a statement.

How to Care for Abelias

Caring for Abelias like any other plant requires effort, but there is nothing out of the ordinary or hard about caring for this plant.

Do Abelias Like Sun or Shade?

Abelias enjoy full sun conditions and if you are looking for bright blooms you will want to make sure it receives the ideal amount of sunlight. Fertile soil that is well draining will provide your new plant with a perfect home.

Watering Your Abelia

Following planting water deeply to settle while adding soil if necessary. Until established expect to water your plants 2-3 times per week while remaining cautious not to overwater. After your Abelia has established itself, watering can be reduced immensely and almost completely. As it matures your plant will become more drought tolerant only needing supplemental watering during periods of extreme drought.

Pruning Your Abelia

You may wonder if pruning your Abelia is okay and our answer is a resounding yes! It is not necessary, but if you find that there are branches that didn't survive the winter, you may cut them back to allow space for healthy growth. Pruning your Abelia annually will keep your plant compact and under control. If you do choose to prune do so during the late winter or early spring before flowering has begun. Flowers form on new growth so pruning after the growing season has begun will lead to a decrease in blooms.

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