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Juniper Shrubs

Juniper groundcovers, a delightful landscape addition, offer a tapestry of evergreen foliage that gracefully blankets the soil. With low-maintenance charm and excellent ground stabilization properties, these Juniper varieties provide both beauty and practicality, transforming gardens, slopes, and pathways into vibrant, textured showcases.

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Groundcover Junipers are both hardy and versatile plants that are suited for a variety of landscaping needs. Junipers are perfect for filling spaces that your common plants cannot. Unlike their taller counterparts, these Junipers are low growing. Creeping junipers are also known as creeping cedars by many due to their needle shaped leaves. In addition to being grown as groundcovers and in containers they are very popular in the bonsai community. There are several types of junipers available here at and not only will we provide you with happy, healthy plants we will also teach you how to care for any of the plants we offer!

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