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Mondo Grass

Mondo Grass is a charming, low-maintenance ground cover with slender, arching leaves that create a lush carpet of greenery. Ideal for edging borders or as a graceful filler between stepping stones, Mondo Grass adds an enduring touch of elegance to gardens with its evergreen foliage and adaptability to various light conditions.

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Mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) is an evergreen perennial that makes for a dense groundcover. They are easy to grow in any soil condition and require little maintenance once settled. In addition to making for a great ground cover it can also be a simplistic house plant by placing it indoors or near entryways in a container or planter box. Keep in mind that despite the name, Mondo is a Lily and not actually a grass.

Mondo Grass vs. Dwarf Mondo Grass

Mondo grass reaches 6-10 inches tall once mature and produces small white flowers in the summer. Usually, the leaves are too dense for the flowers to be visible to humans, but it will attract birds. On the other hand, the dwarf cultivar of Mondo grass only grows to reach 2-4 inches in height and has no blooms. This cultivar tends to spread slower than regular mondo.

What is Mondo grass used for?

Mondo grass is primarily used as a groundcover, but it has a number of possible uses. It grows well in rock gardens, along walking paths and is an all-around excellent shade tolerant perennial.

How to plant Mondo grass

Mondo grass grows well in average soil and requires little attention once it is established! Mondo grass is a slow grower, and it is easily propagated. Every 2-3 years clumps of grass may require division.


When grown in part shade the foliage will appear light green while full shade conditions will promote dark green growth.


Both species of mondo grass prefer loose, loamy soil. It will tolerate soil that is mixed with clay, but it may struggle with spreading its roots. Sandy soil lacks the nutrients and water retention required by mondo grass if you have sandy soil compost the area deeply before planting. For more tips on caring for your ground cover grasses check out our ground cover grasses care guide.

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