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Time to Plant: Discover the benefits of planting Encore Azaleas in the Fall

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Published August 9, 2017
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Plant Encore Azaleas in the fall to enjoy flowers until the first frost and allow time for roots to establish without damage from extreme temperatures. With the summer heat winding down and cooler temperatures on the way, fall is the optimal season to plant Encore Azaleas.

What are the benefits of planting Encore Azaleas in the fall?

Fall will provide shorter days, closer sun and plenty of time for the roots to get established before winter arrives.

Consider these factors when planting Encore Azaleas:

Sun Exposure

When planting your Encore® Azaleas, choose an area that provides high filtered shade or a sunny location with some afternoon shade.

Encore® Azaleas require 4-6 hours of sun to produce their famous, multi-season flowers. However, especially during the summer, they need some afternoon shade to maintain balance and vibrant colors.


The soil should be acidic to promote healthy growth and well-drained to avoid root rot.

Add nutrients to the soil with organic matter, but not fertilizer (fertilize in spring). To accommodate the root structure, dig a hole that is twice as wide as the root ball and shallow enough for the top of the root ball to rest above the soil line. Azaleas have shallow roots, which means they grow wide versus deep. If the hole is too deep, you run the risk of root rot.

Cold Protection

To protect from the winter cold, and to help preserve moisture in summer, apply an inch of mulch on top of the soil after planting.

If you live in or are experiencing extremely cold weather during the first year, you may want to cover the plants to provide extra protection while the roots are still developing.

Once spring comes…

Fertilize your Encore Azaleas after the fear of frost and watch them bloom and grow.

Following spring’s first showcase of flowers, lightly prune to encourage growth and increase blooming for remaining seasons.

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