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About Tecoma

Tecoma are tropical plants, closely related to Trumpet Vines. Some are upright growing and some are vining plants. But they’re all known for their heat-loving tendencies and their gorgeous trumpet blooms. Additionally, hummingbirds and butterflies flock to these dynamite bloomers thanks to their bright blooms and tubular flowers.

Two Standout Tecoma Plants

We offer two upright varieties from the Southern Living Plant Collection, the Lydia Tecoma and Bells of Fire Tecoma. These two varieties are more compact than traditional varieties. While some selections can get to 12+ feet tall, Lydia and the Bells of Fire reach only 5-6′ tall!


However, the #1 reason you’ll fall in love with both of these varieties is that they bloom nearly nonstop! Once warm weather returns in Spring, these two start blooming and won’t stop until the first frost of the year. The Lydia produces fantastic brilliant yellow flowers, while the Bells of Fire has orange-red blooms. They fit right at home in a tropical garden.


These prolific flowers are accented by brilliant green, serrated leaves with a defined point on the end. This foliage has a fantastic freshness to it that breathes quite a bit of life into any garden.

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