Privacy Plants

Privacy plants are a fantastic way to add a dose of solitude to your yard! Furthermore, block out street noise, cover up eyesores, or send your neighbors a subtle message that happens to be 60 feet tall! Add an element of natural beauty to the landscape unmatched by any fence.
Choose from Cypress, Arborvitae, Hollies, and more! Some are dense and hardy, some have eye-catching blooms, and some have dynamic foliage color. However, no matter which Privacy Plants you pick, we guarantee fast delivery and healthy plants!
These shrubs and trees are our selections for giving you a little freedom from unwanted disturbance.

Fast-growing Privacy Plants
Want a privacy screen and want it fast? Then we recommend trying out the Green Giant Arborvitae or the Leyland Cypress. These two will get the job done like no other, and they’ll do it in half the time! Additionally, their thick foliage does a great job of filtering out dust and pollutants. 

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