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About Camellias

What’s not to love about Camellias? These southern beauties boast lovely evergreen foliage and magnificent blooms fall and winter. They are an elegant addition to the garden with peak beauty at a time when many other plants fade!’s Camellia collection includes varieties from the Southern Living Plant Collection, as well as many types of Sasquana and Japonica Camellias

Sasquana Camellia General Facts

  • Tend to bloom in late fall to early winter
  • Smaller leaves than Japonica Camellias
  • Heights range from 2-12′ tall depending on species
  • Tend to have smaller blooms than Japonicas
  • Can be sensitive to long periods of time in sub-freezing temperatures

Japonica Camellia General Facts

  • Tend to bloom in Winter to early Spring
  • Larger leaves than sasanqua camellias
  • Heights range from 6-12+’ tall depending on species and growing conditions
  • Tend to have larger blooms than Sasanqua Camellias
  • Tend to be slightly harder than Sasaquas

Tips for Planting Camellias

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