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Properly establishing your new potted plant with

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Published March 29, 2014
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Properly establishing your new potted plant from is crucial to its health and growth. This part of the process
is extremely important, but is often overlooked, done hastily, and incorrectly.
Here are some suggested steps that will help optimize the development of your
new plants.

Golden Euonymus 1 gal

Step1: Read up on the proper sunlight and water exposure
for the variety of plant you have purchased, and pick a location in your yard
that will be well suited to the plant, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

*If the
plant is going to need lots of water, make sure you can reach it with your
hose. This will save you time and effort in the long run.

Step 2: Once you have identified your ideal location for
your plant, dig a hole that is 2 times as big as the plant you have purchased.
This is very important so the roots can easily grow into loosened soil
surrounding the plant.

*If you
are planting in a container, select a container that is at least 2 times as big
as the plant. Having the plant in too small of a container can stunt its growth
and without fresh soil it will be lacking nutrients for it to thrive properly

Step 3: Now that your hole is large enough for the plant
fill the bottom with an inch or two of garden soil, place the plant in the hole
and make sure that the top of the plant is flush or a half inch above the
surface of the ground.

the top of the root ball of your potted plant can cause root rot, and will
delay the development of your plant.

Step 4: Get the plant
straight and how you want it in its hole and start filling in around the plant
with a 50/50 mix of native and garden soil. Work a few inches at a time
watering the soil in as you go

Bigfoot Cleyera

Step 5: Apply slow release granular fertilizer. You will
want to repeat this every year to keep your plants looking their best. to prevent air pockets. Repeat until the hole is
filled and flush with the ground level and try to not cover the top surface of the
root ball.

Step 6: Last apply mulch around the base of your plant.

Step 7: Enjoy!

forget to water!

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