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Removing Dead Shrubs

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Published March 20, 2014
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Removing Dead Shrubs

Removing Dead Shrubs – Hopefully the Polar Vortex has come and gone, and you can finally get out of your house again without wrapping up like an Eskimo. Now as things are thawing out you are beginning to realize those shrubs in your yard do not seem to be coming around.

You can check for signs of life by scratching the bark at the base of the plant to see if there is any green and if so there is hope, but if not let the mourning process begin. They are dead. After some time, the grief will subside and the gardening itch to get your yard back to its previous summer’s glory will come. Then you realize that in with the new, means out with the old and
removing those old plants can become quite the chore.

Here are a few great articles before you get started that should save you time, and your back!

When you have the old plants out, check out our inventory of great plants at

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