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4lb. Bio-tone Starter Plus

(8 customer reviews)


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About 4lb. Bio-tone Starter Plus

When to Use Bio-Tone

Use Bio-Tone Starter Plus when planting your flowers, vegetables, trees or shrubs to help establish large root systems quickly. This product helps ensure that your new plantings get maximum water and nutrients from the soil by quickly establishing their root systems.

How Much Bio-Tone Should You Use?

The 5oz sample packet should be good for one 2-3 gallon plant or can be used on 2.5 quart or smaller plantings. Try a sample of Bio-Tone with your next order by adding a 5oz sample packet!

Follow this table from Espoma for usage amounts:

Plant Size Cups Lbs.
Up to Two Gallon 1 1/3
Three Gallon 1.5 1/2
Fifteen Gallon 4 1-1/3
24″ Ball 6 2
36″ Ball 24 8
48″ Ball 30 10

How to Apply Your Bio-Tone Starter

  • Flower Beds:  Mix into the top 4-6″ of soil prior to planting.
  • Trees & Shrubs:  Mix into the soil used to backfill the planting hole.
  • Container Plantings:  Mix thoroughly into the soil mix prior to planting.

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8 reviews for 4lb. Bio-tone Starter Plus

  1. Sherilyn (verified owner)

    Thank you for such an excellent process, product, and purchase. They arrived safely at the end of October when I couldn’t find them in ANY local stores, here in Southern California. All 3 of my Blush Pink Nandina plants arrived in lush, perfect shape, barely a drop of soil displaced. Worth every penny. Plus I ordered some Espoma Biotone fertilizer that arrived ahead of the plants (not AFTER the plants arrived – genius!!), when few people can find it anyplace on the internet or in stores. I feel like I got so lucky with this purchase, AND it was all perfect upon arrival! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Barbara Russo (verified owner)

    First time using this. Used on the arborvitaes we just received and are looking forward to seeing results. With plants by mail reputation I think the results will be fantastic.

  3. Nancy Talley (verified owner)

    After watching a few videos of plant specialists using this when planting I wanted to give it a try. I couldn’t find it anywhere locally so I was glad to see it was sold on this site. I like that it’s organic as well.

  4. Bob Blanchard (verified owner)

    Couldn’t find Bio-Tone Starter in any local store so I ordered from Plants by Mail. Arrive quickly and has been used in my fall planting. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  5. Louise

    Loved your tutorial on Bio Tone Starter Plus.. I couldn’t find it locally.. So I am ordering it now with you folks. I am hoping it will help my distressed Gardenia which I transplanted and now its very droopy and I am afraid it will die… Gosh these Gardenias are sensitive. Hopefully this will help.. Thanks again.

  6. Patti Coons

    Looking forward in trying the product.

  7. Frankye B Wasson (verified owner)

    Love my Bio-tone Starter fertilizer. I was unable to find it locally and was glad to find it online. Arrived in a timely manner and in great condition.

  8. Kadetta Miller (verified owner)

    Biotone is so necessary, don’t plant without it, love love!

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