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Autumn Amethyst® Encore® Azalea

(27 customer reviews)

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About Autumn Amethyst® Encore® Azalea

The Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea produces tons of small purple blooms in Spring, Summer and Fall. This evergreen shrub has lush green new foliage in spring that matured to a deep dark green that bronzes to a deep purple in winter that adds interest to the winter landscape.  The Autumn Amethyst has a neat and compact dwarf growth habit that is very easy to maintain with minimal pruning. This is one of the most cold hardy Encore Azaleas with the ability to thrive in USDA zone 6A. Use this azalea in your landscape or garden as a specimen, accent, low hedge or foundation. The Autumn Amethyst is also great for planting in large pots either in a mixed container or a standalone. Plant your Encore Azalea in slightly acidic well-drained garden soil in an area that receives full to part sun for best bloom performance and fertilize in spring with a slow release granular fertilizer to keep the blooms coming all season long!

Spacing Your Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea 

Plant your Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea 3 feet apart for a seamless planting. Alternatively, plant them 4+ feet apart for space between plantings.

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27 reviews for Autumn Amethyst® Encore® Azalea

  1. Paul Butts (verified owner)

    Great size and shape with my Encore Azalea. Very nice ! Will order again!

  2. DebbieB (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant. Color is vibrant and goes with everything!

  3. Greg Edelbrock (verified owner)

    Wonderful azaleas, well packaged. They arrived with the soil still moist, and the boxes they came in did a very good job of protecting them. We purchased the 3 gal. size.

  4. Howard O Johnson (verified owner)

    I have 2 words to describe how I feel about my purchase: totally pleased!

  5. R Pastor (verified owner)

    Arrived on great condition, beautiful plant.

  6. Jeff Carney (verified owner)

    Our azaleas were hard to find, but we’re delivered quickly with excellent shipping/packing. We will be using Plants by Mail again!

  7. Tracy Mitchell (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant that was well packaged! Can’t wait to see it grow.

  8. Robert Calman (verified owner)

    Recieved in great condition
    I order more

  9. John (verified owner)

    The shipment got delayed by 5 days and my plant was dead on arrival. I’ve tried contacting them, but with no luck!! I’m upset that I spent nearly $55 for a twig and the box in came in had nothing but it’s dead leaves on the bottom.
    If they want more business, then I suggest a better guarantee and quicker service
    – a disappointed customer

    • Team PBM

      Good morning Mr John. I am distressed to see your review after seeing that your email message, sent after work hours, was responded to by one of our reps first thing the following morning. After sending in the pictures as requested you were fully refunded for the plant and notified as such. If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly at 866-618-5659. – Christy

  10. Tim (verified owner)

    Came in great condition, and well packaged. Very healthy looking!

  11. Rosemary Duval (verified owner)

    My package arrived early then expected. The concore azaleas are beautiful. I’m very happy with the entire experience

  12. Ann (verified owner)

    Plants arrived packaged nicely and moist. Very beautiful and green. Look healthy. Love them.

  13. GLENN (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in good condition but it’s still a little to cold outside to plant right now so I have them sitting in my den till it warm up a little more.

  14. Tina Ennis (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in beautiful condition-No flowers yet.

  15. Roz k (verified owner)

    I ordered six autumn amethyst encore azaleas. They were delivered in two boxes. The two in one box were packaged very good and were not smashed together and were beautiful, the four in the other box were not packed right, the plants were all smashed and on top of each other, some had broken branches. We planted all of them and they look beautiful.i hope they all make it through the winter. That’s why I give only 4 [email protected]

  16. Dawn (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 of these to plant for my mom. In the past, plants were extremely full with blooms. This time they were pretty small without blooms. Also the shipping box of 4 was not well packed. Hopefully this was an isolated incident due to spring demand, etc.

  17. Karen L McGhee (verified owner)

    Very healthy plants

  18. John Eads

    Excellent, healthy, well packaged for shipment plants.

  19. Micheal Dunkin (verified owner)

    The plant arrived in very good shape. Ready to be placed in the ground and in bloom.

  20. WILLIAM KUEHLER JR (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in good shape. The root ball was nice and moist and I didn’t even have to water the plant when planted.

  21. Britt Hollingsworth (verified owner)

    Awesome! I could not find these plants anywhere and it is what my wife had decided on for our new front island. We needed 13 plants and they were nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere locally and nothing. I then did the online search and found them here at a very reasonable price along with free shipping. The plants came in perfect condition and very well packaged. All 13 very healthy and green and just alike. (looked the same in terms of size, shape, and very green leaves. They have already started to bloom in the first month in the ground. And they all are still looking great. Could not be happier. Especially since my wife got what she wanted and we did not have to settle. Thank you Plants by Mail. Happy wife happy life!

    • nick norman

      You’re very welcome! 🙂
      – Christy

  22. Kim (verified owner)

    I love this azalea plant! It arrived in beautiful shape. I transplanted it to a larger container and added some enriched soil. It’s on a sunny spot on the porch, which it seems to like. It won’t bloom for a while but the leaves are lush and healthy. I’m planning to order more from you. Thank you!

  23. Ann Kammerer (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in beautiful condition and started actively growing from the first few days. No flowers open yet, but the color of the leaves is lush and beautiful.

  24. Dana McKinley (verified owner)

    Packaged very well and was impressed with how full and healthy the plants looked when they arrived. Way better than expected and as good, if not better, than what I would expect to get locally. Can’t wait to see these bloom and see the colors pop! Really love this color and am excited to see them next to the Royalty and Carnation.

  25. gzap (verified owner)

    I didn’t know what to expect from mail order plants but all 3 azaleas were perfectly healthy and extremely well packed. I would order from Plants By Mail again.

  26. hmsb27 (verified owner)

    I really love the color of the Autumn Amethyst. I can’t wait to see more flowers. I love azalea.

  27. winniebtx (verified owner)

    I love it! Beautiful!

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