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Autumn Embers™ Encore® Azalea

(28 customer reviews)

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About Autumn Embers™ Encore® Azalea

The Encore Azalea Autumn Embers is a spring summer and fall blooming Encore Azalea producing beautiful orange-red flowers. The Autumn Embers is a dwarf Encore Azalea meaning that it will max out in size around 3 ft tall by 3 ½ ft wide. These repeat bloomers a great for making a colorful statement in the landscape! Notably, Encore Autumn Embers is one of the hardiest Azaleas with the ability to thrive in USDA zone 6B.

Caring of Encore Autumn Embers Azaleas

The Autumn Embers is an evergreen dwarf Azalea whose bright blooms return several times throughout the year. Throughout the summer the initial display will fill your garden with dazzling blooms and there will be an “Encore” in the fall. Your Autumn Embers averages being in bloom 9 months out of the year.

How Large Are Autumn Embers Azaleas?

Autumn Embers is a compact, low growing Azalea that which at maturity spans about 3.5 ft wide and stands to be 3 ft tall.

What Color is Autumn Embers Azalea?

The Autumn Embers is a deep red to orange blooming Azalea which is nowhere near as common as its true red or pink counterparts. They form 2.5″ double blooms and stand out in any landscape or garden with a blazing fire like appearance.

Spacing Your Autumn Embers

For a seamless planting, plant your plants 2.5-3 feet apart. Alternatively, space them 3.5 feet apart for space plantings.

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28 reviews for Autumn Embers™ Encore® Azalea

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’ve made several online plant purchases over the last few weeks from various sites, and my order from Plants by Mail was easily one of the highest quality plants to arrive. My Azalea is beautiful and healthy. Definitely recommend!

  2. Melissa (verified owner)

    The Encore azaleas we ordered arrived in fantastic condition.

  3. Jay Sherman (verified owner)

    Plant was in excellent condition and well packaged

  4. Julia Borg (verified owner)

    I have no issue with the plants. They are well packed and a good size. However if you do not live in the zone where they are grown you will receive plants in full bloom or mostly past bloom. It is too early to plant them here in zone 5, so they will need to be protected until late April- 2 months of holding them. I will try to buy more local, but you can’t always find what you want locally. Just a heads up for you folks in the colder zones.

  5. Rick Williams (verified owner)

    ‘Autumn Embers’ Encore azalea in 2 gallon container arrived healthy and in bloom. I have it planted in a special azalea mix because we live on clay soil with a pH above 8.0. I bought Autumn Embers because I was on a Zoom call and our guest speaker was an LSU emeritus professor who specialized in azaleas. He said ‘Autumn Embers’ was the longest blooming azalea of all the 33 varieties of Encore azaleas.

  6. Intrepid (verified owner)

    Azaleas arrived in bloom, in great condition. Using as a foundation planting. Zone 7a…

  7. Suzanne (verified owner)

    So far so good , have to make it through the winter .

  8. lincv11 (verified owner)

    plants arrived in excellent condition and very quickly. They look great.

  9. Justin R (verified owner)

    First time buying a plant online. Came very well packaged, box notes, water after arrival. Mine was a bit parched and gave it a drink. No blooms but was very healthy and green. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will be buying again in the near future.

  10. KES (verified owner)

    All the plants came in very good condition. It has been a few weeks and all looking good.

  11. Kenneth Kull (verified owner)

    Plants came in very good condition. Planted them the next day. Two weeks later they look very healthy with new blooms.

  12. Kathleen Thornton (verified owner)

    extremely satisfied-large healthy plants!!!

  13. Kathleen C (verified owner)

    Very pleased with Plants by mail. Quick service, fair shipping and very nice Encore Azalea

  14. mlbury (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in good shape and couple of weeks after planting they continue to look healthy. Looking forward toward when they begin to bloom.

  15. Anita Padelford (verified owner)

    received in not too good condition

  16. A (verified owner)

    Nice Plant for the Money

  17. Jim (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in excellent condition earlier than anticipated and the phone service from PBM staff was prompt, useful, and beyond courteous! I’ll buy from them again.

  18. Kathleen Thore (verified owner)

    Extremely pleased with packaging and quality of the plant. Highly recommend Plants by Mail.

  19. karen shuster (verified owner)

    arrived in beautiful condition. very pretty, i would reccomend plants by mail to anyone.

  20. G. Lawson (verified owner)

    All 10 plants arrived well packaged and healthy. They are now planted and most are already blooming!

  21. Nadine Hoffman (verified owner)

    Our son-in-law recommending ordering plants on line. We were skeptical but the plants arrived in good condition and are doing well so far. We are waiting for their first blooms of the summer.

  22. Jay (verified owner)

    2 Good size healthy azaleas were received. Very pleased.

  23. Barbara Bynum (verified owner)

    Must admit I was cautious about ordering these by mail, but was extremely pleased when they arrived. – quickly, healthy, and in good condition.

  24. winniebtx (verified owner)


  25. Becky Branch (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 – 3 gallon azaleas. They were in perfect condition and one plant was full of buds ready to open. They are beautiful plants.

  26. loldson (verified owner)

    I had bought 2 of these at my local nursery and had just planted them when my water line had to be replaced and they were destroyed. So, I took a chance and ordered these from your nursery. When they arrived my mouth literally dropped opened!! They were big, healthy and put the ones from the nursery to shame! They arrived in 2 days flat and are doing great! Will definitely be ordering more plants from you!!

  27. Anonymous

    We ordered 4 azaleas and they all arrived in excellent condition and looked very healthy. We were very pleased! We will definitely recommend Plants by Mail and will order from here again.

  28. Regina

    I was skeptical ordering an azaelea online..and.expected it to be small…but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and was a beautiful healthy large specimen that rivaled what can be found in a nursery. It was packaged well and arrived quickly. I would definitely order from plants by mail again.

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