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Autumn Fire® Encore® Azalea

(137 customer reviews)

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About Autumn Fire® Encore® Azalea

First introduced in 2016, the Autumn Fire Encore Azalea has rapidly proven itself to be a worthy addition to the Encore® Azalea Collection! This Azalea lives up to the high standards you’ve come to expect from Encore, with deep red, semi-double blooms that stand out phenomenally against dark evergreen foliage. Unlike traditional azaleas that simply bloom in spring, Encores send out bloom after bloom from spring to fall. No deadheading is required to keep the flowers coming!

In winter, the Autumn Fire Encore Azalea’s fantastic green foliage will change to a deep purple-bronze color. This adds a whole new level of interest to this red blooming azalea. Afterward, spring sees the triumphant return of the characteristic dark green foliage.

The dwarf size and compact growth habit make the Encore Fire the least of your concerns when it comes to landscape maintenance.

The Autumn Fire Encore Azalea reaches a mature size of 2.5′ H x 3′ wide. Therefore, the Encore Azalea Fire is perfect for a low-hedge, foundation planting, mass planting, accent, or container plant. Plant it in front of taller shrubs with contrasting foliage or bloom color for a dynamic display. only sells and ships mature, healthy Autumn Fire Encore Azalea plants.

Autumn Fire Encore Azalea Care

Unlike traditional varieties, the Autumn Fire requires 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive and bloom properly.

Plant this red blooming azalea in soil that has an acidic pH, and drains well. Poor drainage will lead to root rot and the expiration of your plant.

Water 2-3 times per week during the first growing season. Consequently, this allows them to develop deep roots, which will help ensure their long-term success. They are able to access more nutrients and have an improved capability of dealing with droughts.

Fertilizing your Encore Azaleas in spring with a slow-release, balanced acidic plant fertilizer will help to keep them thriving. Otherwise, for organic gardeners, use a balanced organic fertilizer every two months during the growing season.

Spacing Your Autumn Fire Encore Azaleas

For a seamless planting, space your Autumn Fire Encore Azaleas 2 feet apart from plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 3+ feet apart.

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Take a look at a few other popular Encore varieties, the Autumn Bonfire Encore Azalea, the Autumn Lilac Encore Azaleaand the Autumn Angel Encore Azalea.

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137 reviews for Autumn Fire® Encore® Azalea

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Very happy with the azaleas we received. They were in very good condition. Also very pleased with how quickly they arrived.

  2. Robert

    Plants were well packed, arrived in great shape.They are healthy. They’re planted looking forward to a beautiful Spring.

  3. Francesco (verified owner)

    Received the Encore Azaleas and they were packaged well and very healthy! Planted as directed and so far still look great. Hopefully they will take and grow by Spring!

  4. Tommy Hill (verified owner)

    Very healthy bushes. Very prompt people to do business with!

  5. Donna B (verified owner)

    These bushes were absolutely beautiful! Packed well for shipping and very healthy. I could not be happier

  6. Vickie Rustin (verified owner)

    The azaleas were well shipped. They were gorgeous and had blooms on them. They have been in the ground about three weeks – no signs of stress and are well adjusted to their new environment.

  7. Jennifer Ziros (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in beautiful condition. Healthy, vibrant green leaves, and even a few gorgeous red flowers. So excited to have it my garden!

  8. Don (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in great shape. Well packaged. Looked very healthy. Actually, am likely to order a second one.

  9. Cynthia Slaasted (verified owner)

    Excellent company. Best experience I’ve had ordering plants online. Ordered 2 of the 3 gallon autumn blaze azaleas that came quickly, perfectly packaged, soil moist, and gorgeous healthy foliage. After 2 weeks the azaleas are thriving plants. Will order more later.?

  10. MBWheeler (verified owner)

    All 6 Autumn Fire Encore azaleas arrived in perfect condition. One carton had been handled pretty badly but the plants inside were in perfect shape due to the ingenious box design! A long trip from Alabama to California too!
    They were planted the same day and are looking great with new growth already apparent. We’re thrilled with our purchase!

  11. Stephen Pankey (verified owner)

    We just received our shipment of 5 of these Azaleas, and in over 25 years of avid gardening, I don’t think we’ve ever bought, either at a nursery or by mail, 5 plants that look so great instantly as these. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition, if they just looked like this forever, we’d be thrilled! But, can’t wait to plant them and see them grow and bloom! I would not hesitate to order more plants from, I’ll look here first now.

  12. Stewart (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in great condition. Very happy with the purchase.

  13. Susan Molyneux (verified owner)

    Bought 3 of these Autumn Fire plants last spring. 2 out of 3 died over the winter. I have new growth on one only. We had a VERY mild winter so not sure what happened to these. I also bought 2 Autumn Majesty and they are showing new growth as well. All are planted in the same location with protection along the front of the house.. VERY disapponted!!

  14. D Stevens (verified owner)

    The encore azaleas arrive in perfect condition. I’ve been ordering plants for years and I have never seen plants packed this well, I’m very pleased.

  15. Zachary Campbell (verified owner)

    Just received an order of 5 of these autumn fire azaleas in 3 gallon. Beautiful condition, sized as advertised. Plantsbymail shipping packaging is awesome and got all plants here in wonderful condition. Can’t wait to get them in the ground this evening!

  16. bobbie (verified owner)

    I had an order of seven different Encore Azalea’s. They arrived within a week of order in good, healthy condition.

  17. Greg Edelbrock (verified owner)

    Wonderful azaleas, well packaged. They arrived with the soil still moist, and the boxes they came in did a very good job of protecting them. We purchased the 3 gal. size.

  18. Mike Chamberlain (verified owner)

    I ordered 15 autumn fire azaleas. They arrived in just a couple of days and were in excellent condition. I have planted them and so far they look amazing. Extremely happy with everything.

  19. Sherry Q (verified owner)

    I was so pleased with the shrubs I ordered in March that I ordered more in April! Excellent quality plants that are growing nicely in my garden. I have recommended PlantsByMail to several of my friends, and I plan to order again soon!

  20. Sherre McLeod (verified owner)

    Great looking plants , as always

  21. wallsjr51 (verified owner)

    I was shocked that they arrived so fast and looking so healthy even more healthy than the plants I by here in town , I will let all my people and green thumbers know…

  22. David Everett (verified owner)

    I purchased 5 Autumn Fire azaleas. The plants arrived in great condition and in a timely manner. All five were blooming. I am extremely pleased with my total experience. Thank you!

  23. David Daugherty (verified owner)

    4 of the plants were missing some of the root potting material due to poor packing.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning. All fragments of dirt are hard to keep contained while in shipping. We place a solid liner around the potting container to protect the root system of the plant(s). This has been highly successful. We do not want to air lock this liner as the plant roots and soil need to breath. – Christy

  24. Cynthia G (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the azalea’s. They were in bloom when I received them and my neighbors wanted to know where I found such healthy gorgeous plants. I am so pleased!

  25. T. Tucker

    We planted several these in the fall 2022 We had a very harsh winter and I was so worried about them This week they have bloomed so much I could not believe it and took pictures and sent them to my friends and family They are beautiful to say the least

  26. Barbara G Schneider (verified owner)

    Love them!!! Perfect size

  27. kjksmythe (verified owner)

    Texas zone 8b/9a. I purchased two back in Oct 2022. 5 months later, 1 hard/deep freeze, 3 light freezes later and still thriving and kicking butt. Don’t wait, just buy them!

  28. Scott McGaha (verified owner)

    I purchased two Autumn Fire Azaleas, and they both arrived in great condition in a timely manner. Both had very healthy foliage and lots of beautiful blooms!

  29. Kadetta Miller (verified owner)

    Beautiful, I have been waiting on the plant for while, shipped in great condition, strong and sturdy.

  30. John King (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants arrived in great condition will order repeatedly Thanks for beautiful plants.

  31. Mary Quinton (verified owner)

    Shipped very fast and the plants are beautiful

  32. kramer3711 (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in perfect condition and are thriving in the garden. Am very pleased with the beautiful plants I received and the entire process from ordering to delivery.

  33. Barbara (verified owner)

    Was very impressed with the packaging of my Azalea. It wasn’t damaged at all.

  34. Donna Sebring (verified owner)

    Best plant i recieved ever. Package nicely very healthy. If I could give 6 stars i would

  35. Cheryll Rogers (verified owner)

    These plants arrived quickly and looking very healthy! Planted them immediately and they look to have taken root. Hoping for continued success!

  36. Lynn Cofer (verified owner)

    Not only is this the best company to order from, the products they sell are beyond expectation!! I love Plants By Mail and have ordered from them many times. If there is a problem with any of the plants they fix it. You can’t go wrong ordering from them and my azaleas are the talk of the community!

  37. psalms_91_1 (verified owner)

    We purchased 4 autumn fire azaleas and they arrived in wonderful condition. One of them had blooms on it! Awesome!

  38. sweetrock5 (verified owner)

    Ordered two 1 gallon Azaleas that arrived well packaged and in good condition. The blooms were already gone, but I have no doubt they’ll come back like they should later since the plants are so healthy. Very happy with purchase and shipping.

  39. Tabetha Portz (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about ordering plants online, but no one had the autumn fire azaleas that I needed. So I took a chance and ordered them. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance. I’m so glad I did, they were big, beautiful, & full of blooms when I received them. Very fast shipping also. I’ve place several more orders since the first one. It was very nice to have them shipped straight to my house, I didn’t have to go to a nursery and make a mess in my car. I may never to back to a nursery! Very happy with my purchase!

  40. Mark (verified owner)

    Plants were well packed and arrived in perfect condition. I am looking forward to watching them mature and bloom many times over

  41. Susan Buford (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my azaleas. Was worried when I received a notice that my plants had shipped & then received a notice a couple of days later that my shipment was delayed. I was afraid my plants would be dead. They very very healthy & well packaged. I’ve always been pleased with the plants I’ve received from Plants by mail.

    • Team PBM

      Yes mam. Shipping is not as transparent as our Carriers would want us to believe these days. Please everyone feel free to reach out to me for shipping information. I have a very good handle on where these packages are and if they are lost. – Christy

  42. Al Dempsey (verified owner)

    I was leery about ordering plants online. Boy, was I surprised and pleased. The azaleas were beautiful and healthy. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

    • Team PBM

      Thank you <3

  43. John Lannan (verified owner)

    The plants arrive in perfect condition. The folks are more than happy to help. I had a problem with a previous shipment. They took care it immediately. I would recommend the company and will buy from them in the future.

  44. Cerie Kline (verified owner)

    I ordered this as a present to someone in another state. I have never ordered a flowering shrub on line and I made a mistake : I ordered the 1 gallon size because I did not notice the drop down menu to up-size. I was upset and apologetic to the recipient. He sent me a picture…the plant was quite bushy and in full bloom; just lovely. I would definitely recommend Plants By Mail; very pleased.

  45. Justin R (verified owner)

    Purchased because finding anything the color of red locally is damn near impossible. First time ever purchasing plants online, was a bit concerned, but the two I ordered came very well packaged and one was in bloom. I spoke with Christy who was nothing but nice and helpful. I would order from here again.

    • Team PBM

      That’s very sweet of you. Thank you. I’m glad you are pleased with – Christy

  46. Andrea (verified owner)

    The plants arrived quickly, and they were in full bloom.

  47. Danno656 (verified owner)

    Frankly, the plants looked terrible when they arrived. I hope that they acclimate to our Azalea-friendly climate (Washington) and survive, but I am not too optimistic. I am disappointed, and probably would not recommend Plants by Mail to anyone. It’s a risk that I took, however — and I unfortunately came up short, five 2-gallon Azaleas’ worth.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning. For your area we do suggest ordering in Spring or Fall, as we are located all the way across the country. That is quite the trip for plants to make.

      Winter time ordering will necessarily have plants delivered with their winter skins. It does take longer than 2 weeks for plants to flush and reacclimate to their new surroundings. If you wish to reach out to customer service for assistance, you have that option.

  48. James Day (verified owner)

    We received two dozen Autumn Fire and six Autumn Lily. They all arrived in excellent condition. We have had them acclimating to our South Florida weather for over a week now and are ready to install. They have grown significantly and continued blooming daily. Very pleased from ordering to delivery.

    • Team PBM

      We’re pleased you’re pleased. <3

  49. Roger Bittner (verified owner)

    We are extremely pleased with how well they are packed for shipping. They arrived in excellent shape

    • Team PBM

      Our Packaging Department works extremely hard to keep our customers happy. Thank you for your kind words.- Christy

  50. Tony (verified owner)

    The plants received were in great condition and actually bigger and better than the ones from the local nursery.

  51. Patricia (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in great shape.

  52. Roxie Tolman (verified owner)

    Plants were packaged very well and looked great. Had a few fall/winter blooms upon arrival.

  53. kaybuckles (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in excellent condition. Great specimen.

  54. Carrie (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in great shape. Can’t wait to see them bloom next spring.

  55. Cindy (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in perfect condition. They’re doing very well and I’m already getting fall blooms. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  56. Candy (verified owner)

    Awesome shrub that is thriving and was well packed.

  57. Renato Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in good condition about a month ago. Planted it in a pot and it’s doing well. It has not bloomed yet, but I suppose that is to be expected for a new plant. I am happy with my purchase.

  58. berthaphillips48

    I received another order of plants. They are like the others- beautiful and healthy. I’m so pleased again. Thank you. Bertha

  59. Jim Cullipher (verified owner)

    The plant arrived in excellent condition. Started blooming about 2 weeks after potting. Just beautiful.

  60. Bertha

    On May 31 I ordered some Encore azaleas. They arrived today – June 2. They are absolutely beautiful and healthy plants. The packaging was wonderfully protective of the plants, and they were still moist. This is my first time ordering from you. You have a new happy customer. I just ordered six more. Thank you for your efforts to provide a pleasant experience for your customers.

  61. Gladys Brami (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and excellent packaging. Plants arrived in great shape, full and healthy!

  62. Shawna McWilliams (verified owner)

    I bought the Azalea as a Mother’s Day gift. My mother lives in another state than me, so I was looking for a company that could ship to her something more than a bouquet of flowers. The Azaleas shipped to my mother were absolutely beautiful. The plant was not yet blooming, however the leaves were clearly very healthy, so healthy they shined. I have decided that my future plant purchases will come from The resources on the site about what plants are appropriate in what region is perfect for a novice like me. The delivery to my mother was much quicker than I had even expected. This company is a gem I am so glad I stumbled on.

  63. Cory (verified owner)

    The 6 Autumn Fire azalea plants arrived in absolutely perfect condition. Planted them and can’t wait until they bloom.

  64. Michael (verified owner)

    Original shipment contained wrong plants. This was quickly resolved and the correct plants were sent. On receipt, the plants were not identified as others had been that I ordered. I am assuming these are what I ordered. Plants were in okay shape, not as good as other plants that I have ordered. I was really happy with the response from customer service.

  65. Michael Thompson (verified owner)

    I don’t normally leave reviews but these azalea plants exceeded my expectations. Purchased in June 2020 and they somewhat bloomed that season. Now in spring 2021 and they are absolutely full of flowers! Very happy customer!

  66. Ross D Collingwood (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in excellent condition. We look forward to them blooming!

  67. Steve (verified owner)

    The 14 Autumn Fire azalea plants we ordered in 3 gal. containers arrived a few days after ordering and were beautiful – bushy and healthy. Packaging was great. We already had 11 of this variety blooming in our front yard and back garden area and the brilliant red color is breathtaking. So glad they bloom from early April until October in VA. Highly recommend this company.

    • Team PBM

      We highly recommend you too. Thank you <3 – Christy

  68. Richard (verified owner)

    Outstanding all the azaleas were fresh and planted them the day we received them. They are all doing great.

  69. Sofia (verified owner)

    I love my Autum Fire plants!!!
    They came fast, very bushy, healthy looking. No flowers yet. Hopefully soon. Highly recommend this company

  70. Tami (verified owner)

    The plants arrived while I was out of town but my neighbor unpacked them. He said they were packaged brilliantly and he kept them watered until I got home. They’re now planted in the ground. The leaves look great. I hope they bloom soon. I got the 1 gallon ones. Another color was ordered in the 2 gallon size and it already had blooms. The mail order process was super easy. I’m glad because I went to the local garden center that’s supposed to be a vendor of Encore but they weren’t super helpful.

  71. Margaret (verified owner)

    I ordered 30 of these plants, they came in bloom and are doing very well. They were expertly packed and I am very happy with Plants by Mail.

  72. Miss V (verified owner)

    Just received my Autumn Fire Azaleas. All 7 of them arrived looking healthy and in good shape. We are planting them today. I can’t wait to see their first blooms.

  73. Melissa Kooyman (verified owner)

    Just recieved my plant- in the best condition and packaging I have ever seen. I am pleased and impressed! Thank you plantsbymail.

  74. Mike (verified owner)

    Plants arrived quickly and in beautiful shape. They package the plants so well for shipment. I watched as the FedEx lady juggled the boxes and then dropped them on my porch, but the plants were packed so well that there was minimal damage, if any.

  75. kathy (verified owner)

    Love the package and arrived and now starting to see blooming flowers. We ordered a number of different azaleas and arrived at different times and the same delivery man said he did not know why they all did not arrive at the same time. I was wrong about it being fed, it was the brown truck.

  76. ericrgrant (verified owner)

    Ordered 4 of these about a month ago. All arrived vibrant and healthy. Unfortunately, my dog peed on one and is still in the process of dying. (Thought it might come back. NOPE.) I ordered another as a replacement and it arrived looking like a totally different plant than the ones that arrived earlier. Completely stressed out, leggy, with lots of leaf drop. Might make it, but looks totally out of place with the other azaleas. I see that these are now out of stock. I’m guessing, by the looks of this one, that I got one of the last stragglers. On the upside, customer service has been very responsive to past issues.

  77. btb47 (verified owner)

    Plants arrived a little stressed but looked just fine a day later having also been watered. A few flowers were on the plants when they arrived and more have bloomed since.

  78. Frankie D Russell (verified owner)

    Awesome! Arrived on time and beautiful. Getting ready to order more now.

    • Team PBM

      We are pleased you’re pleased. Thank you for your business.

  79. boydpitt (verified owner)

    We were very pleased with the speed of our delivery and how well the plants were packaged. All 10 plants arrived healthy and after two weeks they are growing nicely and very happy in their new location. Thank you for your good service and wonderful products.

  80. Molly (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about ordering plants by mail, but I couldn’t find the plants I wanted at my local nursery so I ordered 7 Encore Azaleas. I needed 7 more, so I ordered again. Each shipment arrived in perfect condition. Very happy with my purchases and will definitely use Plants by Mail again.

  81. Patrick Moen (verified owner)

    Arrived looking ok but stressed. Dropped all leaves and died within 30 days. Plantsbymail refused to honor their warranty and in fact, customer service was incredibly rude.

    • Team PBM

      Good Morning Again Mr Moen. Upon your first request I resent you one plant. Upon your second request I resent you two plants. Your initial response to me was beyond the 30 day warrantee window and yet I was happy to assist. When you came back with a third request for the remaining plants I knew this was not an honest transaction. I wish you the best. – Christy

  82. bsoupsr (verified owner)

    Love these ! We just received 3 more two weeks ago -arrived perfect condition and look so much better than the one we got at a big box store. It was planted last August and bloomed all through the winter and is still blooming. Two of the three we just received are alreay blooming.

  83. Karen (verified owner)

    Healthy right out of the box.
    Potted in large planters. Looking forward to the blooming seasons.

  84. pbmalcolm.malcolm (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery! The shrubs are really beautiful and came completely intact and undamaged. I will DEFINITELY be ordering again.

  85. johnfj44 (verified owner)

    Ordered and received in May 2020. As of Nov 21, 2020 all plants alive and growing. Amazing continuous flowering and still have blooms in Nov. Replaced boswood hedge and very gladI did. Can’t wait till they are 3 ft high and create an everblooming hedge across the front of my home. Would definitely buy again.

  86. psnessel (verified owner)

    6 Autumn Fire Encore Azaleas arrived quickly (even though ordered during a hurricane) and well-packed. Leaves had some spots identified by Customer Service as a little heat stress. Once planted using included instructions, the one gallon plants soon showed signs of new growth. Would definitely order from Plants by Mail again.

  87. William Kuehler (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in good shape. The root ball was nice and moist and I didn’t even have to water the plant when planted.

  88. mgauker (verified owner)

    I have purchased many plants from plants by mail and will continue to do so, however I have had many issues with FedEx. I ordered 3 Autumn Fire Azaleas, but I only received 1. I cannot find any customer service info on the website, but googled to find an email address. It must be inactive though, because I never received a response. Please send 2 more plants.

    • nick norman

      My apologies we have been out of the office trying to deal with Hurricane Sally and the aftermath of a direct hit from a Strong CAT2 hurricane. I am happy to assist you. I can be reached out [email protected] or 866-618-5659.

  89. hrogers403 (verified owner)

    Plant was well packaged. However, it did have some brown/black leaves upon arrival. Hoping getting it into the ground will help restore the health.

  90. Sandra (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 of the fire azaleas. They came in looking very healthly and had still had a few stray blooms left on them. I was disappointed in the size. They came in a 3 gallon container as stated but they were quite small compared to the 3 gallon azaleas containers I can purchase at my local nursery. Hopefully they will grow quickly. Looking forward to seeing their last bloom which I expect will come in September

  91. Don (verified owner)

    I purchased six of these Autumn Fire azaleas from PlantsbyMail. I was thankfully pleased with packaging which saved the tops of three of them from being crushed by being delivered if not also partially transported upside down! They are now showing good healthy growth and even a handful of the beautiful deep red blossoms are now popping. And so far no trimming by local deer!

  92. Isabel (verified owner)

    I loved the plants. They were beautiful and came wrapped in such a caring way. I order 4 plants and they were all helahty. I was pleased with the time it took for them to come and they look beautiful in our backyard.

  93. maryanne carroll (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT experience. Much easier to shop on line than in nursery. Plants were healthy, in perfect condition when they arrived. Couldn’t be happier. Will use again and highly recommend.

  94. Mary (verified owner)

    I ordered four encore azaleas. They all came fast and healthy. They’ve been planted now for two weeks and two have been blooming for at least a week. I’ve ordered online before and never received such perfect plants. All four are very healthy. Very pleased. Will order again from Plants by Mail

  95. Jac Whatley (verified owner)

    This azalea was large and healthy and has settled in well in our garden. We would order it again.

  96. Mary Beth (verified owner)

    The plants arrived quickly, were very well packaged, and were very healthy. They seem to have taken well and are growing nicely. I couldn’t be happier with my purhcase.

  97. G. Lawson (verified owner)

    Gorgeous bloom color!! 8 plants ordered. 2 arrived a bit stressed but seem to be recovering fine. 5 stars because this was an 18 plant order and the others were all very healthy and the entire order was well packaged and shipped quickly.

  98. Walter (verified owner)

    I was highly impressed with the condition of the azaleas when they arrived. I ordered four of them and they are gorgeous. I definitely will be ordering more

  99. Rose M Hardman (verified owner)

    Quick service and excellent pricing in comparison to other on-line nurseries. Plants were in excellent condition and shipped in a manner to care for them. So far they are all doing great! I would definitely order again!

  100. John (verified owner)

    Plants are great. Nicely packaged. I’m looking forward to them filling the space where I removed diseased bushes. It will be great next season.

  101. dermdawg78 (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in good condition. So far no blooms as they were not blooming on arrival so can’t comment on the flowers yet. Can’t wait to see them in bloom.

  102. Gloria Kane (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the Autumn Fire azaleas. They were packaged in strong cardboard and still moist when they arrived. I was very excited to see the first blooms already!

  103. Catherine Cline (verified owner)

    They were packaged great and I’m so excited to see them bloom. Will purchase again!!

  104. Nadine Hoffman (verified owner)

    Our plants arrived in great condition. Plants are doing well so far. Waiting for them bloom in a couple of months.

  105. Linda Reese (verified owner)

    Plants arrived timely and in perfect condition. Highly recommend. Easiest way to purchase plants.

  106. harrishemphill (verified owner)

    Ordered 7 one gallon Autumn Fire Encore Azaleas from plants by mail. Shipping was fast and they looked great. Would definitely order from them again.

  107. raruss (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in excellent shape! The packaging was sturdy and the root ball was still moist. Several blooms were still attached allowing me to see the beautiful color before planting the. I will definitely buy more.

  108. Disappointed (verified owner)

    I received my three 3 gal. bushes in early March 2020. Good size, full of foliage, but by May still no flowers or buds. I planted them on the South side of the house with plenty of sunlight. They look like Azaleas but no flowers on any of the three, I am kind of disappointed. I was expecting some flowers in the Spring. We will see if they bloom at all this year. Use caution when buying and expecting them to produce flowers right away.

  109. Brenda Schonig (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 of these Autumn Fire azaleas. I also ordered 8 more of other types. The other eight arrived beautiful , The four Autumn Fire did not arrive in the same condition. Lots of dead leaves and flowers were all dead. Branches broken and I am not sure these will survive. I have them in the ground and hoping for a miracle. I did contact customer service right away but I have not heard anything back and it has been almost a month.

  110. Rebecca

    Beautiful, healthy plant that took just a few days to arrive. Soil was moist and pitting was easy. Also felt it was very reasonable! I’ll use Plants by Mail again1

  111. hmsb27 (verified owner)

    My azalea looked great when I opened the box up. Autumn fire bloomed a lot and I love the color of it.

  112. John

    I ordered 14 Autumn Fire azaleas a month earlier. I was a little concerned when the arrived; they appeared to be a little dried out and were beginning to drop leaves. However, I watered them well after unpacking them, and they recovered in a couple of days. Now, a month after transplanting, they are blooming spectacularly. I love the color they add to my yard.

  113. Brenda Johnston (verified owner)

    I just received 6 Encore azaleas. The plants arrived very quickly and were in great condition. The azaleas were healthy, blooming plants. I am very pleased and looking forward to beautiful blooming plants in the spring!

  114. victoria.m.clair (verified owner)

    Ordered and held for a week or two then planted in zone 6 early spring (after last frost). By midsummer the plants look established and 3 of 4 are all flowering beautifully. Very satisfied. Highly recommend.

  115. seweekley (verified owner)

    Absolutely excellent. Arrived in great shipping boxes and the plants are beautiful. I wish we had room for more than the seven we ordered

  116. shayhm (verified owner)

    My Encore Azalea looked great when it arrived. Unfortunately, things went downhill quickly. When I removed the plant from its container, over 70% of the planting medium fell away. The root system was abysmal. The roots split out to two sides with no roots directly under the plant. Who knows, it may live. I won’t be chancing another purchase. I don’t see a way to add a photo, so I will add a link below to a picture of what happened when I removed it from the pot. Looking at the picture again reminds just how bad it was.

    • PlantsbyMail Customer Service

      This plant was mistakenly pulled from a younger crop of Autumn Fires. After seeing this review, we contacted the customer and shipped her a new one that was well-rooted.

      We stand by our plant guarantee and always want to hear about it when we fall short of expectations.

  117. jalainec (verified owner)

    I ordered 10 encore Autumn Fire Azaleas, All 20 arrived came individually boxed in perfect condition. Some were blooming. Got them all planted . It’s been 10 days. They still look great. I’m very pleased.

  118. jenks.myres (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy azaleas! Came in less than 48 hours!

  119. bepperly (verified owner)

    Ordered 10 if the Autumn Fire Encore Azaleas. Received within 2 days of shipping and plants were beautiful and healthy. Soil was still damp due to the great packing. Will definitely order from you again.

  120. oscartobias (verified owner)

    We ordered 25 Encore Autumn Fire. They arrived in excellent shape and we were extremely pleased with the prompt and professional service we received.

  121. Kathy Jones (verified owner)

    We received 10 of these beautiful Encore Autumn fire azaleas last Saturday late. They were packed very well and none of the plant were be damaged. Planted them that Sunday, we had a really good rain, watering today and they already have new growth. I live in a zone 9 so time will tell but I’m confident they will thrive. Can’t wait to see the blooms!

  122. Kaye Ferrell (verified owner)

    Last season in May – I bought one 3 gallon Autumn Fire and 5 smaller 1 gallon. The 3 gallon died quickly – I was disappointed, however, the smaller plants did fine.

    • PlantsbyMail Customer Service

      Sorry to hear your 3 gallon didn’t do well, Kaye. Be sure to contact us if you have a problem with your plant shortly after receiving it.

  123. Thomas (verified owner)

    Excellent azaleas and arrived in beautiful shape. Very well pleased.

  124. Jean Martin

    Shipping was prompt. A couple of the packages were pretty banged up during shipment but the plants were so well packaged that they did not suffer at all. All of the shrubs I received were just as fresh as what I would buy directly from a local nursery.

  125. Allen

    I ordered 6 of the Azalea Autumn Fire and were delivered in “EXCELLENT” condition. I was amazed at how well these plants showed up in the card board box!! The plants are looking great as it turned HOT shortly after I ordered and planted all of them. No blooms yet…. But my plants look very healthy!!! I am impressed…!!!! Thank you!!!

  126. Gary E Bowland

    Bought 2 Encore Azaleas. 1 was was great. 1 was not so great. probably 6 months behind the other one.

  127. Michael Morris

    Plants showed up in good shape. Poor little things were planted in frozen soil and seem to be doing well. Thank you so much.

    ***Staff Notes:
    We do not recommend planting in frozen soil(This is actually a bad idea!). If your area is still experiencing harsh winter conditions we recommend waiting to order the plants, or order the plants and leave them in the pots and move them indoors during harsh winter conditions. Wait until the winter weather has broke and your area begins to warm up to put them in the ground.

  128. Eddie Hawkins

    The plants arrived in two days, very well packed
    And in good shape. Not in the ground yet, but will be very soon. I’ll be ordering again soon. Thanks!! Plants by Mail.

  129. Anonymous

    After taking 9 days to arrive in Washington state, 2 of three plants arrived in surprisingly good shape, while the third was completely dried out

    ***Staff notes: Shipping to the West coast from our location will usually take 5-7 business days. We recommend that west coast customers wait until cooler times of the year to order so the plants will not dry out during transit. See this link for estimated travel time to your location:

  130. Anonymous

    The order was handled in a speedy manner. The azalea arrived in very good condition.

  131. Eva

    We ordered an encore azalea and was pleasantly surprised at how healthy and beautiful it is. We had never ordered plants on line until now. We loved this site and very pleased with product.

  132. Carolyn Havens

    My Autumn Fire Azaleas arrived exactly when promised. They were packed very well so there was no shipping damage. They are lovely, healthy plants and I’m looking forward to seeing them bloom in my yard.

  133. Heather

    I received 5 plants in great packaging. I followed all planting directions (on the website), and they are all looking fantastic. I can’t wait to see them bloomed!

  134. Leslie Kain

    Plant appeared to be healthy. However, when I pulled it out of the packaging to plant it, I found that it was completely encased & rooted in bark mulch. Soil would have been much better – less of a ‘shock’ for the plant when planted in the ground.

  135. Linda

    I ordered 5 of the 3gal Autumn fire azaleas. Boxes were opened on delivery and the plants watered as recommended. There were a lot of dead flowers on the bottom of the box and broken branches. Not sure if this was an issue with the packing or the shipping. Customer service has been contacted but I’ve not yet heard back

  136. Anonymous

    Plants arrived in perfect condition. I’m a little surprised because I’m 3000 miles from you, but they are beautiful.

  137. Anonymous

    Thanks for getting the two autumn fire azaleas to us in time for my dad’s 99th birthday. He is fond of red and these plants arrived in great condition and packed professionally. I could not be more pleased.

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