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Autumn Lilac® Encore® Azalea

(12 customer reviews)

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About Autumn Lilac® Encore® Azalea

Bringing the quality reblooming nature and reliable growth habit you’ve come to expect from this collection, the Autumn Lilac Encore Azalea is a true landscape gem!

The Autumn Lilac has rich lavender blooms with dark purple flecks in the throat of the flower. This Encore features a huge initial bloom in spring and then reblooms through summer and fall (and beyond in particularly warm climates). The blooms will keep on coming, with no deadheading required.

Additionally, the Autumn Lilac’s trademark soft purple blooms sit atop shiny green foliage that remains evergreen all year long. New foliage emerges a gorgeous light green in spring before maturing to a glossy dark green.

This purple blooming azalea was bred for its cold hardiness and chosen for its naturally rounded growth habit.

The Autumn Lilac Encore Azalea reaches 3′ H and 3.5′ W, making it a great choice for a low-maintenance hedge or border.

The Encore Lilac makes a fantastic accent, foundation plant, or mass planting. Furthermore, the compact growth habit of the Encore Azalea Autumn Lilac truly shines in a container garden.

Check out a few other popular selections such as the Autumn Angel Encore Azalea, the Autumn Embers Encore Azalea, and the Autumn Coral Encore Azalea.

Autumn Lilac Encore Azalea Care

Encores need more sunlight than traditional azaleas, generally 4-6 hours. Less than the recommended amount of sun may result in a decrease in blooms.

The Autumn Lilac needs soil that is both acidic and well-draining to thrive. Poorly draining soil can lead to root rot, which azaleas are susceptible to.

Water your plant regularly for the first growing season, 2-3 times per week in average weather conditions. This will help it establish deeper roots, and ensure its future success.

To keep your Autumn Lilac Encore Azalea happy and healthy, fertilize it in early spring with a slow-release balanced fertilizer. Organic gardeners should use a balanced organic fertilizer every two months or so, starting in early spring through summer. In addition, supplementing your soil with composted manure will improve the quality of your soil and provide food for your plants for months to come.

Autumn Lilac Encore Azalea Spacing Recommendations

Space the Autumn Lilac Encore Azalea 2.5 to 3 feet apart for seamless foliage. Otherwise, plant them over 3.5 feet apart to let their natural shape shine through. is proud to offer all varieties of Encore Azaleas for sale online.

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12 reviews for Autumn Lilac® Encore® Azalea

  1. Joyce Crawford


  2. Darrell walton


  3. jeff.m.grabowski (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition. It’s already blooming. Will be ordering more.

  4. Terry (verified owner)

    Repeat customer. Same great service. Delivery was super fast and products were just as advertised. Very Highly recommended.

  5. Norman Bassett (verified owner)

    So far, so good.

  6. MARGARITAVALDEZ44 (verified owner)

    Beautiful compact plant. Received in three days and plant was covered in lots of new growth and buds. Blooms are a beautiful pale purple.

  7. Isaiah

    I ordered a combination of Autumn Lilac, Autumn Bravo, and Autumn Royalty. All of the plants arrived quickly, well-packed, and in excellent condition. They looked great right out of the carton. I was impressed.

  8. Denise

    Plants were delivered in 48 hours and were in perfect condition, even blooming.! Now shopping for more

  9. Valerie Harrison

    This was my first experience with ordering a plant online. I received what was expected. I was kept up to date on shipping information and the plant arrived as scheduled. I couldn’t ask for much more.

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve ordered plants online before and had a so-so experience. The azalea’s arrived in 3 days, were packaged appropriately and looked very healthy. I highly recommend Plants by Mail.

  11. Kathi

    My plants arrived in great condition. The 2 gal size ordered gave an immediate impact in the new bed.

  12. Steve

    This was my first time ordering plants on line. The service was great. The ordering process was quick and easy. The plants arrived well packaged and healthy in 3 days. The plant quality was superior compared to the plants found at those big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart and the pricing was just as competitive. I am very please with the Encore Azaleas. No more picking through unhealthy plants at the big box stores for me. In fact, I going to place another order with Plants by Mail soon.

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