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Autumn Royalty® Encore® Azalea

(27 customer reviews)

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About Autumn Royalty® Encore® Azalea

Looking for an award-winning blooming shrub for your landscape? Then look no further than the Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea! The Autumn Royalty was voted Azalea of the Year by the American Rhododendron Society, and it earned it! This azalea features large single-form, deeply funneled, magenta-purple blooms that rebloom periodically from spring to the onset of winter.

The initial spring bloom will produce a multitude of gorgeous purple flowers. These flowers coat the Encore Royalty, creating quite a display. However, that’s not it for this reblooming azalea. It’s capable of blooming 3 times a year! Additionally, some warmer zones have the potential for even more.

The Autumn Royalty is a reliably evergreen landscape element. New foliage emerges a delicate light green before maturing to a rich dark green. These leaves are fuzzy, elliptic, and pointed at the tip.

This is one of the larger Encore Azaleas, reaching a mature size of 4.5′ H x 4′ W. At that size, it’s perfect as a low-maintenance hedge, specimen, or accent. Otherwise, try it as a container plant or mass planting. However you use it, you’ll appreciate its high bloom potential and eye-catching flowers.

Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 6a-10b.

Plant in Full Sun for best results. Encore Azaleas need to receive 4-6 hours of direct sunlight or all-day lightly filtered sun. Consequently, too little sun will result in the Encore Royalty having reduced bloom potential.

This purple blooming azalea prefers well-draining, rich garden soil with a slightly acidic pH. Poor draining soil often results in root rot.

Water regularly after planting, 2-3 times per week during average weather conditions. However, increased water will be required in times of intense heat and drought. After a growing season or two, your plant will rarely need supplementary water.

Fertilize your Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea in spring with a slow-release Acidic Fertilizer to keep the blooms coming season after season!

Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea Spacing Recommendations

Space Your Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea 3 feet apart for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them 4+ feet apart for gaps between plantings.

YouTube video

Check out the Encore Royalty’s crazy cousin, the Autumn Twist Encore Azalea!

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Scientific Name
Rhododendron ‘Conlec’
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Average Size
4.5' H x 4' W
Bloom Season
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27 reviews for Autumn Royalty® Encore® Azalea

  1. Maureen Cox (verified owner)

    Ordered Autumn Royalty Azaleas and we are really pleased. The plants came as expected and are very healthy, not a brown leaf on them. After we planted them we expected a little withering from replanting shock but because of their good health they look beautiful and are growing great. We would definitely purchase any future plants from Plants by Mail.

  2. glenn (verified owner)

    I bought this because of the color and arrived in excellent condition

  3. Frank Schulwolf (verified owner)

    I placed a large order ( over 100 ) with Plants By Mail. I was very pleased with every phase of their operation.
    The plants arrived when they said they would. All were in tip-top condition. I had an email question after I placed my order. The answer came back within minutes.
    This is the way a business should be run.

  4. Joan Determan (verified owner)

    The size, condition, packaging and the swiftness of the delivery are extraordinary… Not one brown leaf on any of the nine plants. .I can enjoy their growth on a daily. basis. Plants by Mail is the best source for healthy beautiful plants that I’ve ever found.. One minor issue is the direction “open from bottom” which is at the bottom. I didn’t see it until i had torn into 7 of the 8 boxes!!! Thank you for such a wonderful job.

  5. Diane Kay Gibson (verified owner)

    Plants looked very healthy and so far I am pleased I didn’t think they would be delivered so soon, thought they would be delivered at planting time however I have to keep them in the house until it is warmer and no freezing.

  6. Jonna Bohacek (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition!

  7. john mcginnis (verified owner)

    Everything arrived great I have bought again

  8. B. Woods (verified owner)

    So far, so good. Arrived in excellent condition. Even though very rootbound it is doing well in it’s new locale. I have another Autumn Royalty in back yard, this one is in the front. This variety is a superior one, will likely grow to 6 ft. and bloom 3 times a year – blossoms and multi-colored leaves are wow features.

  9. kaybuckles (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in excellent condition. Great specimen.

  10. Lucrezia Hudson (verified owner)

    I just purchased these azaleas. They were packaged great, the plants were in great condition. I gave it 4 stars because the color of the blooms were pink and not purple.

  11. Clayton (verified owner)

    I received the wrong plant, but customer service was excellent and they quickly sent the correct one. Now I have two beautiful healthy plants.

  12. Tom (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy plant. Better than we expected.

  13. Nicole (verified owner)

    I would place another order with Plants By Mail without question. The plants arrived by mail perfectly and they are great quality. I love these azaleas!!!

  14. Nicole (verified owner)

    I would place another order with Plants By Mail without question. The plants arrived by mail perfectly and they are great quality. I love these azaleas!

  15. Simon (verified owner)

    Plant arrived very well packaged, in excellent condition. Only reason it’s not five star is there was a delay in shipping.

  16. Russ O (verified owner)

    The azaleas I received are larger and bushier than I thought they would be. And they are perfectly healthy and beautiful. ‘Better than I expected!! Earlier, I had ordered plants from a different company. “Plants By Mail” is MUCH better.

  17. Brian Laszewski (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the azaleas both the Autumn Royalty and Autumn Sangria, however I am not satisfied with a response that was requested and not received from Plants by Mail. The question was when can I expect the azaleas to bloom in PA. versus your location in AL. I know there are variables to consider, but a ballpark estimate for a 3 gal. plant in PA. would answer my question.
    One last comment, do you answer any questions from customers? I believe that the questions to customers is automatically generated by computer programming. I ask this because I previously asked the same question as asked here and did not get a response. My rating is for the plants. Until next time!
    Brian Laszewski

    • Steve

      Hi Brian, we don’t have any bots responding to tickets. We have a customer support rep that works M-F. It looks like you sent a ticket on a Saturday and another ticket on a Monday, which we responded to the Monday ticket since it was the same topic, both of which were concerning when the plants would be shipped. I don’t see any tickets concerning bloom times of Encore Azaleas in PA.

      Most of Pennsylvania is in a zone 6A or 6B. According to the Encore Azalea website, Encores are likely to have sparse blooms or none at all in the spring in zone 6 because soil temperatures have not gotten warm enough. But, you should see a nice bloom in the summer and a good bloom in the fall so long as you’re not seeing an early winter that shocks the plants.

  18. Dana McKinley (verified owner)

    Packaged very well and was impressed with how full and healthy the plants looked when they arrived. Way better than expected and as good, if not better, than what I would expect to get locally. Can’t wait to see these bloom and see the colors pop!

  19. DM (verified owner)

    The plants are beautiful – arrived with a mass of buds and are blooming now. A great splash of color in a shady area of the yard. Have already sent pictures and a link to your website to family and friends.

  20. Debbie (verified owner)

    Received in excellent condition. Blooming and beautiful.

  21. texaswildflower1963 (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy, blooming plants arrived on my porch. So exceptional we packed. I am so very pleased. Can’t wait to order more!!!

  22. Nettie81

    How far apart so I plant them for a hedge?

    • PBM Garden Expert

      For a seamless planting you’ll want to plant your Autumn Royalty Encore Azaleas about 30-36″ apart from center to center.

  23. Isaiah

    I ordered a combination of Autumn Lilac, Autumn Bravo, and Autumn Royalty.. All of the plants arrived quickly, well-packed, and in excellent condition. They looked great right out of the the carton. I’m impressed.

  24. Anonymous

    Arrived in excellent condition and is a great looking plant.

  25. Anonymous

    I am very impressed with the size & condition of the azalea I received. For the price, I wasn’t expecting the plant that I got. I’ve already recommended your website to some of my friends.

  26. Anonymous

    Arrived as promised. Look great. Next challenge will be survival in Western NY winter.

  27. Kristen Armstrong

    I got my plants today. They are perfect. They look better that expected to see with mail order plants! They are going in the ground tomorrow. I’ll be back.

  28. Anonymous

    Big floaty purple petals look like you’re dreaming. i added this purple one to my mostly Autumn Sunset landscape and along with several Autumn Twist -purple and pink multi pattern, it is just stunning right along where guests park in my driveway

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