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Autumn Starburst™ Encore® Azalea

(49 customer reviews)

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About Autumn Starburst™ Encore® Azalea

he new Autumn Starburst Encore Azalea is an azalea you won’t regret planting! The Encore Starburst produces bicolor coral pink blossoms with bold white margins. These gorgeous flowers emerge in the greatest numbers during a massive initial spring bloom. Afterward, they will produce 2-3 more slightly smaller reblooms before the onset of winter. With warmer zones having the potential to see even more bloom cycles!

The Autumn Starburst Encore Azalea produces glossy and rounded oval leaves. This bright green foliage remains evergreen all year long. Therefore, your landscape will never be bare with this azalea!

Use this pink and white blooming azalea in your landscape or garden as a specimen, accent, low hedge or foundation. Furthermore, it shines in container plantings, whether as a mixed container or a standalone.

With a mature size of 3 feet H x 3.5 feet W, this azalea is perfect for low-maintenance gardeners.

Autumn Starburst Encore Azalea Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6a-10b. Provide some winter protection for the Autumn Starburst during its first couple of growing seasons to help ensure survival.

Provide 4-6 hours of direct sun daily to ensure maximum blooms. Filtered sun all day can work, however, be sure that enough light is coming through. If not, you will not have as many blooms.

Plant the Autumn Starburst Encore Azalea in well-draining acidic soil for best results. Azaleas are prone to root rot, so be sure that your soil has good drainage to ensure long-term success.

Water regularly for the first growing season. 2-3 waterings per week is generally sufficient, with increased frequency needed in times of high heat and drought. During this establishment period, check regularly to ensure that your plants are neither drying out or staying soggy.

Fertilize with an acidic plant fertilizer in spring once the threat of frost has passed. Moreover, regular fertilizer applications will help to encourage increased blooming and growth.

Autumn Starburst Encore Azalea Spacing Recommendations

For seamless foliage, plant your Autumn Starburst Encore Azaleas 2.5 feet apart. Otherwise, plant them over 3.5 feet apart for space between plants.

YouTube video

Check out a few other popular reblooming azalea selections, the Autumn Fire Encore Azalea, Autumn Bonfire Encore Azalea, and the Autumn Angel Encore Azalea.

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Scientific Name
Rhododendron ‘Robleze’ PP32506
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Average Size
3' H x 3.5' W
Bloom Season
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49 reviews for Autumn Starburst™ Encore® Azalea

  1. Jeannette Sherman (verified owner)

    Perfect, with the way mail system is I was very pleased that plant arrived all intact. Still quite green and tolerating this heat. Just have to remember to water. Thank you.

  2. fjb21 (verified owner)

    Excellent specimens! Ordered 3 and all were nicely shaped, healthy and with blooms. Very well packaged and the boxes withstood nicely during shipment. Attached are picture’s of what the plant looked like right out of the box and when planted. I am very pleased with the items I ordered from Plants by Mail, I will continue to order from this company! Well….I tried to attach the pic’s but couldn’t 🙁

  3. Shane Donovan (verified owner)

    Great size. It came already watered. It has bloomed several times since we got it two weeks ago.

  4. judith (verified owner)

    very healthy and good size

  5. Ronald Tuttle (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant. Very well packaged, arrived in great condition

  6. Tristan Harstan (verified owner)

    Astounded by the great quality of plant material! Will definitely order again.

  7. Kim V. Bogan (verified owner)

    I purchased 10 three gallon Encore Azaleas and they all arrived undamaged and in excellent condition. I could not have picked nicer plants if I had gone to the nursery myself. The plants were full, healthy and well watered. The plants were sent upright, two to a box with a solid glued partition between them. This made the boxes very sturdy. The packaging was a cut above some other large internet plant companies I’ve used. Other companies lay the plants on their side and the boxes often arrived smashed or broken in the center with the plants damaged. Kudo’s to ‘Plants By Mail’ for doing it the right way. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend based on my experience.

  8. Judy Baumann (verified owner)

    I ordered two different kinds of Azalea plants, and they arrived in good condition and were very healthy plants. I am very pleased with them. I would order from them again.
    J. Baumann

  9. Tristan Harstan (verified owner)

    Wow..amazing quality of plant material for online shopping! I am so impressed and will order from Plants by Mail again without hesitation!

  10. Tim Pinson (verified owner)

    I saw the new Encore line and just had to have a couple! They havent bloomed yet for me, but they had previously while at the nursery because the dead blooms had not fallen off yet. I ordered a little late to the game for the first flush. BUT if truth holds, I will enjoy many more to come because these babies are green green green and very healthy! WOW what a root ball they have! Popped one into the ground and going to grow one in a huge patio pot for awhile and see how it works out. Very excited to get these and shipping was great and super lightning fast! WILL DEFINITELY order again and again from PBM! Glad I found you guys, I didnt know you existed! Got you bookmarked! Thanks again!

  11. Ralph Buhlin (verified owner)

    All the plants I received were in great shape and had blooms on them. I will definitely continue to buy my plants from PBM.

  12. A. Wright (verified owner)

    It is so pretty you would think it is not real

  13. Gale V (verified owner)

    This Azalea arrived in mint condition. It even had blooms on it! (This is in Virginia in the month of October) If you are on the fence about receiving plants/shrubs in the mail, don’t be with this company.

  14. Robert Crocker (verified owner)

    Plants in very good condition. Chose Plants by Mail because they were relatively close-in east TN arrive in 2 days. Would like to minimize time in the box–don’t think the plants like that.
    Also a lot cheaper than another mail order place similar distance away.
    Think the plants were in better shape too.

  15. Nancy L Tonetti (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in excellent condition and looking healthy. I’m glad to be able to choose plants that I can’t find locally.

  16. Scott Buchanan (verified owner)

    Two Autumn Starburst plants received in perfect condition. We can’t wait for them to bloom.

  17. Terry Johnson (verified owner)

    They came in one piece looking good.

  18. Terry Johnson (verified owner)

    They came quickly and in one piece

  19. Cameron Holt (verified owner)

    I always feel it’s a risk to get plants shipped to you, but all my orders from plants by mail have arrived just like I picked them out at my local nursery

  20. Bryan Houser (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in top notch shape and very full. Plants were packaged excellent and arrived quickly. Just waiting for the first bloom.

  21. Cheryll Rogers (verified owner)

    These plants arrived quickly after placing the order. The package was wrapped carefully, and the plants looked great when I opened them – very healthy. I planted these immediately, and so far so good. I’m hoping for continued success!

  22. psalms_91_1 (verified owner)

    We purchased 4 of these and they arrived in wonderful condition. One of them had beautiful blooms on it! Awesome! Can’t wait to see them all blooming…anticipation!

  23. lincv11 (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in excellent condition and look beautiful

  24. Carl Berndt (verified owner)

    Phenomenal! Plants arrived quickly and are FAR SUPERIOR to those that were available locally. I’m overjoyed with the quality of the plants. Couldn’t be better.

  25. Joan Musumeci (verified owner)

    Was very happy with the Autumn Starburst™ Encore® Azaleas I purchased. The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 was the shipping.. My order arrived in two shipments several days apart. The first box was crushed (delivery service problem). Luckily there was not much damage to the actual plants. The second box arrived about a week later. I actually emailed them because I thought the shipment was lost. That plant arrived fine.

  26. Deirdre Haynes (verified owner)

    I have been dreaming of adding azaleas to my garden but feared it would always be a dream. Autumn starburst has bloomed 3 times since i put them in a few months ago. They are happy and thriving with full west exposure sun in my sw florida zone 10a border 9b garden. The heat and humidity dont seem to be the slightest issue for this series. They are doing so well i just added 3 autumn twists in my new bed.

  27. Charlotte M. (verified owner)

    Came in perfect condition. Healthy. This is my 3rd time to purchase my bushes from this website. Never disappointed.

  28. kaybuckles (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in excellent condition. Great specimen, full of blooms.

  29. Ashdale Pierre (verified owner)

    Arrived in great shape. Took a beating this year because a tree branch fell on it and STILL bloomed wonderfully and is recovering quite quickly. Love love love the blooms and love that I ordered it from PBM.

  30. Nick Vozza (verified owner)

    I have been pleased with all my purchases from Plants By Mail.

  31. jeff.m.grabowski (verified owner)

    Just needed the one Azalea. Arrived in good condition. Has been in the ground for four months and still growing.

  32. Kathy Bochanski (verified owner)

    Was skeptical about ordering by mail but am pleased with the quality of my plants. Ordered & planted in May and mid-July all plants are thriving and have begun to bloom. I would purchase plants again from this site.

  33. Andy (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in perfect condition. They were very well packed and healthy. Planted them the day the arrived and they are doing very well.

  34. Jim Davis

    plants arrived on time and were in perfect condition! Well done

  35. Nancy (verified owner)

    The azalea came damaged. It apparently tipped over, soil everywhere and part of the plant was laying in the box. I reached out to the company. They are not going to do anything about it.

  36. Janice Lathrop (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly and in great condition!

  37. steve (verified owner)

    Came fairly quickly and healthy. In the ground and can’t wait to see it bloom.

  38. Graham Swift (verified owner)

    A very well package plant that delivered a very nice plant also. It is now in our front Garden and doing well – Thank you.

  39. Ed (verified owner)

    Plants are recovering. The two-pack shipped well, the four-pack is poorly packed damaging the plants. Half the greenery had broken away. Customer service would not listen when I spoke about the packing.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning Mr Ed. If this review is regarding your email of 4/30 I did respond and answered your questions and concerns regarding shipping. I also mentioned if you would like to have any further assistance with any plants I would need to see pictures of them, which is still the case. If you did not receive this response it would be helpful to check your spam folder and sometimes, depending upon your user settings, our emails will get forwarded there.

  40. Nancy (verified owner)

    I ordered two Starburst azaleas. Both arrived looking healthy, but one was half the size of the other because so many branches had been broken. The exterior of the box was fine so it must have happened during packing.

  41. Jeannine (verified owner)

    I ordered 5 of this variety. I received 6 plants, but only 3 of them were of the correct variety. The other 3 were not a color I would have chosen. All of the plants were very healthy and in good shape.

  42. Sue Winter (verified owner)

    Plant was beautiful. Just as described. I will order again. Quick delivery

  43. Suuzen Ty Anderson (verified owner)

    Got this last week. Arrived nicely boxed, with good soil that was slightly damp, so the sturdy, full plant showed no sign of wilting or other stress. I already have one of these and it is a great bloomer, so I was glad to get this one to join it in my side garden.

  44. Michelle Humphreys (verified owner)

    Terrible delivery! All my plants were in one corner of the box and several were broken. Emailed of my dissatisfaction and received no response. Will not be ordering from this company

    • Team PBM

      I am sorry to think that you believe we didn’t respond to your messages as I did so three times. It sounds like they may have gone to your spam folder as this most likely happened do to your security settings. In order for us to be able to assist you with this type of issue we do require pictures be sent.- Christy

  45. jxmaxwell (verified owner)

    Received in perfect condition. Wonderful packing job.

  46. AL Langlois (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants, I love the flower color. Plants are healthier than plants purchased at a local nursery.

  47. James C. Herrera

    Too Good to be True ?
    Guess I will have to get on WAITING LIST again, to enjoy the outrageous promise of this
    cold hardy, sun tolerant cultivar. And then, after time, years present a review.

  48. Marcy Perry (verified owner)

    This little beauty was perfect. The leaves are healthy and I can’t wait for blooms.

  49. Chris Benzle

    on the waiting list

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