Autumn Sunburst® Encore® Azalea

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About Autumn Sunburst® Encore® Azalea

The new Autumn Sunburst Encore Azalea is an azalea you won’t regret planting! The Encore Sunburst produces bicolor coral pink blossoms with soft white edges. These gorgeous flowers emerge in greatest numbers during a massive initial spring bloom. Afterward, they will produce 2-3 more slightly smaller reblooms before the onset of winter. With warmer zones having the potential to see even more bloom cycles!

The Autumn Sunburst Encore Azalea produces glossy and rounded oval leaves. This bright green foliage remains evergreen all year long. Therefore, your landscape will never be bare with this azalea!

Use this pink and white blooming azalea in your landscape or garden as a specimen, accent, low hedge or foundation. Furthermore, it shines in container plantings, whether as a mixed container or a standalone.

With a mature size of 3 feet H x 3.5 feet W, this azalea is perfect for low-maintenance gardeners.

Autumn Sunburst Encore Azalea Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6a-10b. Provide some winter protection for the Autumn Sunburst during its first couple growing seasons to help ensure survival.

Provide 4-6 hours of direct sun daily to ensure maximum blooms. Filtered sun all day can work, however, be sure that enough light is coming through. If not, you will not have as many blooms.

Plant the Autumn Sunburst Encore Azalea in well-draining acidic soil for best results. Azaleas are prone to root rot, so be sure that your soil has good drainage to ensure long-term success.

Water regularly for the first growing season. 2-3 waterings per week is generally sufficient, with increased frequency needed in times of high heat and drought. During this establishment period, check regularly to ensure that your plants are neither drying out or staying soggy.

Fertilize with an acidic plant fertilizer in spring once the threat of frost has passed. Moreover, regular fertilizer applications will help to encourage increased blooming and growth.

Autumn Sunburst Encore Azalea Spacing Recommendations

For seamless foliage, plant your Autumn Sunburst Encore Azaleas 2.5 feet apart. Otherwise, plant them over 3.5 feet apart for space between plants.

Check out a few other popular reblooming azalea selections, the Autumn Fire Encore Azalea, Autumn Bonfire Encore Azalea, and the Autumn Angel Encore Azalea.

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Common Name
Autumn Sunburst® Encore® Azalea
Scientific Name
Rhododendron hybrid 'Roblet' PP25072
USDA Zones
, , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
Sun Exposure

28 reviews for Autumn Sunburst® Encore® Azalea

  1. Emily Barron

    The plants were packed well, they arrived in good condition and is the best plants by mail I have ever seen – these people know what they are doing.

  2. Emily Barron

    I ordered some azaleas from this place not expecting them to arrive as they did – they were packed perfectly in boxes so that the branches weren’t broken, the tops of the plants weren’t broken, all of the soil hadn’t been dumped out – actually they were in better shape then some plants I have bought at a nursery and driven home with them. I have already used this place again and will recommend it highly.

  3. Lana Headley

    I have a similar plant already thats why i ordered another one.

  4. Michelle

    I ordered azaleas and in a couple days we received them. They were packed perfect in sturdy boxes, easy directions on how to get them out. Great looking plants, soil still moist. Better than most stores. On line there is a nice video on how to plant, if needed. I’m planning on buying more!

  5. Marie

    I received my order within a few days. The plants looked very healthy. I planted them and they look very nice. I can’t wait for these plants to bloom. The flowers look really beautiful in the pictures.

  6. Carolyn

    Rec’d both plants in great shape!
    good shapes, green leaves; have them planted already & are doing fine.

  7. NC gardener

    I ordered 3 Encore Azaleas in the 2 gal. size. They are absolutely beautiful. Plants are packaged well for mailing, arrived very healthy and well shaped. I definitely will order from this company again.

  8. Richard Dennis Mc Cabe

    This plant grew for awhile, along with other plants we bought, but the leaves developed brown spots that spread to the whole plant and it died. The other plants were fine.

  9. Josephine Walters

    Received 3 plants; 1 was damaged during delivery. Contacted Plants by Mail and they immediately replaced the damaged one. Very satisfied with the service and azaleas so far. Got my fingers crossed that they will thrive and grow now that they are in the ground.

  10. winniebtx (verified owner)

    This was my first order & I will order again. My order arrived quickly, well packaged & the plants are beautiful!

  11. maryralber (verified owner)

    I placed my first order for these azaleas recently and was very impressed with everything. The plants were perfect, arrived quickly and are thriving. Customer service has also been super fast to answer my questions.

  12. Darin (verified owner)

    Plants arrived quickly and in safe packaging!

  13. Carol Evans

    OMG! These are ultra beautiful. I have them up against my pink/coral victorian home. The picotee is echoed in my home’s trim. So far I have planted 20 around my home. They are stunning and they bloom from Mar/April to frost. The packaging was perfect and they arrived in bloom and haven’t stopped since.
    Simply wonderful!

  14. Linda C (verified owner)

    I could not be happier with my purchase from plantsbymail. Shipped quickly, superb packaging and the plants are beautiful. Spent yesterday planting and last night ordered more.

  15. penalouis (verified owner)

    Very poor survival (Zone 7). I’ve tried several Encore varieties and SUNBURST is the worst. I bought three in 1 & 2 gal sizes. The 1 gal ones started showing brown spots on leaves by the fall and did not survive a fairly mild winter. The 2 gal one took a beating, limped through the next season, but died the next winter. However, At the SAME TIME we ordered three BONFIRES and all of those are doing very well. Long before that, we got an EMPRESS and that’s been thriving for 6 years. Another reviewer reported a similar problem but still gave 3 stars. If a variety sickens and dies, while others thrive, it deserves 0 stars. If you look at the positive reviews, most are commenting about how good the shipping is. I agree and am still hooked on Encore azaleas from PlantsByMail. But SUNBURST should be avoided.

  16. Dawn Fox (verified owner)

    I ordered plants on Sunday. On Wednesday, I received 8 very nicely packaged, healthy azaleas that are absolutely beautiful. Second time purchasing and very happy with both purchases!

  17. Cliff Drake (verified owner)

    my plants are beautiful, packaging was awesome what great service.

  18. David Gonzales (verified owner)

    Received my Azaleas just the other day and they arrived dead and dry to a crisp. Disappointed in this purchase.

    • Steve

      Hi David. We have a 30-day guarantee on all of our plants. Have you submitted a request for a replacement or refund?

  19. David Gonzales (verified owner)

    Where do I go for a request for refund or replacement?

    • Steve

      You can send an email directly to [email protected] and we will respond. The support team just requests a photo of the bad plant and a description of what is wrong.

  20. patiwgn90 (verified owner)

    This was my 1st purchase and will NOT be my last. Already on a waitlist to order more. Packaged great and arrived in perfect condition. Very healthy and beautiful plants!! Thanks

  21. Linda Saucedo (verified owner)

    Plants arrived well packed & healthy. I love them. Shipping took about 12 days. Will order from this place again.

  22. Diane Hein (verified owner)

    The azaleas were beautifully packaged. They are in the ground and I can’t wait till Fall to see the the beautiful color on the azalea.

  23. Liliana Wells (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my azalea. It arrived very quickly, even though I had been told it was on back order. It was packaged perfectly to protect the plant and instructions were clear on how to plant it. I would recommend Plants by Mail to anyone. I love their website and the fact they sell Encore Azaleas through the mail.

  24. Encore Azaleas are great for San Diego County (verified owner)

    Arrived in very good condition.

  25. Don Russo (verified owner)

    I echo the other 5 star reviews. I am very happy with the azalea I purchased.

  26. Mary (verified owner)

    These are beautiful azaleas. They came fast and healthy and are already blooming. Very happy with this ourchase.

  27. Jason Wallen (verified owner)

    This was a hard color to find as we needed one to match an existing one in our landscaping. This plant shipped fast and was packaged well.

  28. Sofia (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant! Very pretty flowers. It came well packaged,moist and juicy green. Thank you , guys!

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