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Bakabana Daylily

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About Bakabana Daylily

No Daylily-lover should be without the Bakabana Daylily from the Southern Living Plant Collection! This Tetraploid daylily produces brilliant banana-yellow blooms with ruffled edges in late spring. These gorgeous blooms sit atop attractive, light green straps of foliage, that emerge in early spring after a long winter slumber. The Bakabana will continuously rebloom during its bloom period. However, deadheading old blooms will encourage new blooms to take their place.

This Hemerocallis spreads and forms dense clumps that are capable of sending up hundreds of blooms every year. Try them as a container plant, mass planting, perennial bed, accent, or border.

Arguably, the best way to plant daylilies is to create a mixed perennial bed full of daylilies that bloom at different times and in different colors. Try mixing the Bakabana with varieties such as the Chicago Apache Daylily or Rocket City Daylily in order to create a truly phenomenal display. Here’s some additional reading on Daylily beds from Marietta Daylily Gardens.

Bakabana Daylily Care

Plant from USDA Zones 3-9.

The Bakabana Daylily is known for its ease of care, and can tolerate a wide range of soil pH and soil qualities. However, do make sure that the soil is well-draining. Additionally, Daylilies are capable of dealing with city pollution, and residual pavement salt. This makes them a fantastic choice for city dwellers.

Daylilies are light feeders and generally don’t need much extra fertilizer. Although, supplementing the soil around your daylilies with a couple inches of compost every year can provide steady fertilizer. Consequently, this will also improve the quality of your soil in the long-term. If you do choose to fertilize your daylilies, a light feeding in Spring with an organic or slow-release granular fertilizer should be plenty to kick their growing year off right.

Bakabana Daylily Spacing

For a solid mass planting or border plant every 10-14 inches apart. For individually spaced plantings plant 18+ inches apart

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Common Name
Bakabana Daylily
Scientific Name
Hemerocallis 'Bakabana'
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Average Size
18–24" H x 18–24" W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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