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Bayou Bliss™ Distylium

(20 customer reviews)

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About Bayou Bliss™ Distylium

The attractive soft blue-green fine-textured foliage and compact rounded habit makes the Bayou Bliss Distylium a great alternative to Boxwood or Holly. Use this dwarf shrub in mass plantings, borders, or low hedges.

Bayou Bliss Distylium Care

Hardy in USDA Zones 7-9

Water regularly until well-established, traditionally around 3 months. Afterward, supplemental watering may be required a couple of times a week. During the second growing season, watering your Bayou Bliss Distylium once a week during dry weather should be sufficient.

Well-draining soil is essential as Distylium can be prone to root rot in poorly-draining soil.

Fertilize the Bayou Bliss Distylium in spring with a slow-release fertilizer to ensure it stays happy and healthy throughout the year.

Spacing Your Bayou Bliss Distylium

For a seamless planting, plant your Bayou Bliss Distylium 2-3 feet apart. Otherwise, space them 4-5+ feet apart to leave space between shrubs.

*Below video says Jewel Box — Jewel Box was renamed to Bayou Bliss in Dec 2022 (same plant, just renamed)

YouTube video

Scientific Name
Distylium hybrid 'BLDY01' PP32816
, , , , ,
Average Size
2-3' H x 3-4' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season

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20 reviews for Bayou Bliss™ Distylium

  1. Darlene (verified owner)

    The plants were healthy and well packaged. They arrived quickly. I have heard a few complaints about Distylium so I hope it still looks good next year.

  2. George (verified owner)

    Excellent plants, arrived very healthy in a few days.

  3. Lynn Hughes (verified owner)

    The plants arrived fast and in beautiful condition. I was really pleased. I chose them to plant in the landscape around my front door and I love the look.

  4. Ron (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in excellent condition and I planted them as soon as the landscape bed dried enough from our days of rain. Pleased with the appearance they present in front of our house.

  5. Christy Magnet (verified owner)

    After a year the Jewel Box Distylium do not look good. The tips are brown. even with irrigation. The holly and boxwood shrubs are fine. I’ll be replacing all of the Distylium.

  6. Peter Captain (verified owner)

    Plants arrived quickly and appear to be in very good condition. Looking forward to planting them and watching them grow.

  7. Karen Ratliff-McNeil (verified owner)

    Karen McNeil
    Plants arrived promptly and healthy. We are very pleased.

  8. ANGELA PARRISH (verified owner)

    Packaged very well. Plants looked healthy.

  9. Joanna (verified owner)

    The plants were packaged nicely and arrived looking great. We planted the next day. I would definitely recommend Plants by Mail.

  10. Leondra Rybensky (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and the plants were beautiful.

  11. Christy from Florida (verified owner)

    The plants arrived healthy. Some were full and others lopsided. They are blue green. As a replacement for other shrubs, I prefer the newer boxwoods and hollies. After a few weeks in the ground they are not filling out. It may take a season to see growth since this distylium is a dwarf.

  12. Susan Otto (verified owner)

    Great looking plants. They have grown and become fuller in just 6 weeks.

  13. kbrennan60 (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in great condition and were easy to transplant. Packaging was done very well.

  14. Fran (verified owner)

    The plants look great. They were very dry and root bound when they arrived but now, 2-3 weeks after being planted, they appear to be surviving OK.

  15. ANGELA PARRISH (verified owner)

    The plants were packaged well and arrived looking great!

  16. Pam (verified owner)

    Great shrubs. Arrived well packed and very healthy. Highly recommend this site.

  17. fulmerwillis (verified owner)

    If you are looking for an original, a unique plant – consider this one today. This handsome shrub is compact and evergreen. I planted it between a nandina and an azalea and it is a great companion. The wonderful, natural form is a gift. So glad I took a chance on a plant I was unfamiliar with.

  18. Mona (verified owner)

    Excellent shrub!! EXTREMELY healthy!! I would highly recommend this site and shrub. Very unusual!!!

  19. Judy (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in great condition and packaged nicely, very pleased with my plants.

  20. Sherry McDonald (verified owner)

    Pretty low shrub. Provides interest without overwhelming the front of our house.

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