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Bells of Fire™ Tecoma

(20 customer reviews)

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About Bells of Fire™ Tecoma

The Bells of Fire Tecoma from the Southern Living Plant Collection is probably unlike any Tecoma you have ever planted! This variety has incredible blooming potential and is sure to be one of the most prolific bloomers in your landscape. True to its name, the Bells of Fire Tecoma produces bright red-orange trumpet-shaped flowers from Spring until the first frost in Fall! In addition, the tubular, colorful flowers are perfect for hummingbird lovers, and will attract any curious hummingbirds in the area.

For limited frost environments, the Tecoma is a semi-evergreen shrub, reaching 5-6′ H x 5′ W. Other zones will see the Bells of Fire as a deciduous perennial, returning each year.

The Bells of Fire is naturally compact, meaning that pruning is unnecessary. Therefore, fans of carefree gardening will enjoy its low-maintenance nature. Use it as a foundation, hedge, garden accent, or in a mass planting.

This gorgeous shrub isn’t all looks though. Once established, it is notably drought and heat tolerant in the landscape!

Dead-heading will encourage further blooming but is not required.

Bells of Fire Tecoma Care

Plant in USDA Zones 8-11.

Full Sun (6+ hours) is important to ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of blooms possible.

Plant in well-draining soil for best results. However, the Bells of Fire Tecoma tolerates most native soil types as well.

Water regularly until well-established. This will improve its ability to survive in the long-term, as it will allow roots to penetrate deeper. Afterward, supplemental watering may be required in times of dry weather.

Fertilize with a granular fertilizer higher in Phosphorus and Potassium (such as 8-10-10) in early spring and summer. This will encourage bloom production. Use a balanced fertilizer (such as 10-10-10) in early fall to promote growth to prepare it for the next growing season.

Bells of Fire Tecoma Spacing 

To create a seamless border or hedge plant this Tecoma 2-3 feet apart. If individual shrub plantings are desired, space your plantings 5+ feet apart.

Bells of Fire Tecoma Current Approximate Shipping Size

2.5 Quart – 6-8″+ H x 6-8″ W

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Want this plant with yellow blooms? Check out the Lydia Tecoma

Scientific Name
Tecoma 'TEC6010916' PP24170
, , , , , ,
Average Size
5-6' H x 5' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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20 reviews for Bells of Fire™ Tecoma

  1. Lori (verified owner)

    These plants arrived in great condition and are stunning. I am very pleased with the size and love the bright color!Lori

  2. candylloyd1610 (verified owner)

    Nice looking plant growing great in the Garden.

  3. Katie M (verified owner)

    Plant was dying. I planted it, and it did not survive.

  4. Debbie (verified owner)

    Plants arrived on time and were in great shape. I was expecting little wimpy plants…what a surprise ?

  5. Caitlin McElrath (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition!

  6. Steven (verified owner)

    Arrived in good condition and quickly started growing and blooming. Looks great next to yellow cousin Esperanza, which survived the great Texas blizzard.

  7. Dan Olsen (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition. Packing was great. Good size and already flowering after 3 weeks. Highly recommended.

  8. Lorrie Fiore (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in perfect condition. I was very happy with the size because I have ordered from other nurseries and received not much more than sticks. They already had flowers on them. I have already, and will definitely in the future, recommend your nursery.

  9. Lew (verified owner)

    Very nice plant, good size, flowering, healthy, shipped fast. Already growing rapidly here.

  10. Lupe Ruttiger (verified owner)

    Plants arrived well-packed with minimal damage. They seemed a bit “tender” when I put them in the ground; I inadvertently and easily broke small stems while planting and mulching, even as I was being extra careful! The plants also drooped a little the first few days. But it IS VERY HOT here right now, with heat indexes hovering around 110 degrees. It’s now been about 2-3 weeks since they’ve been in the ground and they’ve recovered very nicely! I see new growth and flower buds forming. Based on this, I expect this plant to continue to thrive, showing off its hardiness in my hot and humid 9b zone. I highly recommend this plant!

  11. Amy (verified owner)

    This is the best plant I have ever received by mail! It arrived looking garden perfect! Now, a couple of weeks later it is blooming and growing and gorgeous! I couldn’t be happier.

  12. Wayne Hall (verified owner)

    The plant arrived most of the branches broken off and still in the package. The plant died not long after arrival. This damage was done when the plant was packed, not by the shipping company. Based on my experience, I cannot recommend buying live plants from this seller.

    • nick norman

      Good morning Mr. Hall.
      I am so sorry to hear of your experience with our Bells of Fire Tecoma. It is such a beautiful plant and looks like it received some heavy jostling during shipping. I can assure you our packagers take the greatest of care with our orders. I see them every day and they are beautiful people just like the plants we sell. I am refunding you in full for this order. I would be very honored to get to assist you in any way for your plants needs in the future should you change your mind.

  13. Carolyn Finlayson (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in great condition. Followed instructions, they are thriving and starting to bloom.

  14. Trina Wright (verified owner)

    The plants are very festive and pretty upon arrival. I am an accomplished Gardner and had these last year for the first time (a friend nearby grows these plants and recommended.). Bloomed all summer (til October). Mulched heavily in winter. None of these plants returned. They enjoyed the right amt of light and proper fertilizer. Will try once more since I really like these shrubs. However, cost too much to keep replacing – especially since they are PERENNIALS!

  15. Marcy Perry (verified owner)

    I love my Bells of Fire so much, I also bought the Lydia Tacoma. They are beautiful plants.

  16. sophia crawford (verified owner)

    My Belles of Fire is doing well. I believe next purchase will be a bright red bloom.
    So pleased.

  17. tkwright20 (verified owner)

    My re-ordered plants arrived in good shape – planted for 1st time last spring and they did well! Live in west Ga. in proper zone + even though Belles of Fire are Perennials and although these were mulched very well – none came back this spring! Followed all care instructions to the letter! Was told by company – they’re not responsible for them not coming back.☹️

    • Steve

      I’m sorry to hear about your plants not coming back. But, it’s impossible for us to have an open-ended guarantee on our plants. There are too many variables in gardening that are out of our control and completely in the gardener’s control: water, soil, fertilizers, sunlight and seasonal weather patterns are just a few.

      We do have a plant guarantee in place, but it covers the plant being shipped and the 30 days after the order.

      I noticed that you purchased these again. If you send us an email at [email protected] detailing where and how your plant was planted, we can get that to our horticulturist and have him answer your questions to better ensure your plants make it through the winter.

  18. Mary Whitfield (verified owner)

    Just received 2 today. They were packed excellent and the shipper did a good job keeping upright. They look very healthy and have nice blooms. Very excited to get them in the ground and see them grow.

  19. Trina Wright (verified owner)

    These plants are beautiful – even though one did not survive shipping- the company made it right & replaced! They are all thriving now! Beautiful orange blooms! Will order more when available @ Plants by Mail!

  20. tedraulmer (verified owner)

    My beautiful plants just arrived…I ordered two pot sizes, and there are already blooms on the larger one! I love this plant. Everyone who sees Bells of Fire falls in love…I wanted an Esperanza because of the drought tolerance, but I’m not a fan of yellow…I suspect I’ll be ordering more for other spots in my landscape.

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