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Blue Ice Cypress

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About Blue Ice Cypress

The Blue Ice Cypress is sure to bring plenty of cool color interest to your landscape! This evergreen provides all-season blue-green to whitish blue foliage. It appears ‘flocked’ in the landscape, which makes it a perfect choice for decorating around Christmas time. Additionally, it features a piney scent that’s sure to remind you of crisp fall evenings.

The Blue Ice Cypress grows in a naturally pyramidal shape. Therefore, feel free to plant this beauty and let it do its thing. No maintenance required!

It’s no slouch when it comes to growth speed. In ideal conditions it will grow 1-2 feet every year! For this reason, it’s great for spots that you want filled in quickly.

Plant the Blue Ice Cypress around 7-8 feet apart for a gorgeous, fragrant privacy screen that’ll never leave you short on coverage. For space between trees, plant them 15+ feet apart.

A single tree makes an eye-catching specimen in the middle of your landscape. Plant shorter, contrasting color plants around it for maximum effect.

Plant a small group of Blue Ice Cypress set back from the road. Then, wrap them in Christmas lights yearly for an easy, head-turning holiday display.

Leave room for growth as this beauty can reach 30′ H x 15′ W at maturity, slightly smaller than the Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress.

Blue Ice Cypress Care

This cypress is hardy from USDA Zones 7-9.

Plant in Full Sun for best results. Too much shade will result in decreased foliage potential.

This tree can tolerate numerous different soil qualities and pHs, but it prefers soil with good drainage and average richness. Furthermore, it works well in rocky Xeriscape gardens.

Water regularly when establishing, especially in sand or rocky soil. After the first couple of growing seasons, the Blue Ice Cypress is remarkably drought tolerant.

Fertilize with a high nitrogen fertilizer regularly to encourage maximum growth speed, such as 10-8-8 NPK.

Blue Ice Cypress Spacing Recommendations

For a fast-growing privacy screen, plant your Blue Ice Cypress 6-8 feet apart. For a casual screen space them 12-15+ feet apart.

YouTube video

Planning to use the Blue Ice Cypress in a privacy planting? Check out a blog post on Planting Hedges and Screens.

Scientific Name
Cupressus arizonica 'Blue Ice'
, , , , ,
Average Size
30' H x 15' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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1 review for Blue Ice Cypress

  1. rtorre02 (verified owner)

    My trees are healthy and arrived well packaged. The only thing that I didn’t like is one Cypress tree has two leaders, which isn’t a major problem except for aesthetics. My main concern was the tree’s health. They are beautiful conifers with their blue coloring. I am very happy.

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