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Blush Pink™ Nandina

(27 customer reviews)

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About Blush Pink™ Nandina

The Blush Pink Nandina from the Southern Living Plant Collection is a fantastic new twist on the classic Nandina Firepower. Eye-popping pink new growth sets the Blush Pink apart from its contemporaries, as the rosy hues seem to simply blush out of the leaves. The shades of pink beam throughout the growing season, culminating with a spectacular autumn and winter showcase of brilliant pink-flushed and dramatic crimson foliage. These compact, dwarf nandinas are perfect for mass planting, container gardening, and borders, and require very little care or pruning.

Spacing Your Blush Pink Nandina 

For a seamless planting, plant your Blush Pink Nandina 1 foot apart. Space them 3+ feet for gaps between plants.

Planting tips for Acid Loving Plants

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Common Name
Blush Pink™ Nandina
Scientific Name
Nandina domestica 'AKA' PP19916
, , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
2' H x 1.5-2' W
Bloom Season
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27 reviews for Blush Pink™ Nandina

  1. Janice Adams (verified owner)

    Plants looked great upon arrival and are still looking good!

  2. Novella (verified owner)

    Excellent experience and love my plant! Not only did I quickly receive my plant, but it arrived healthy and gorgeous. I planted it right away and am now extremely pleased with this purchase. I’ll definitely do business with this company again!

  3. Linda Karamatic (verified owner)

    The plants arrived quickly and in beautiful shape. They are doing well in the garden.

  4. Mary Parrish (verified owner)

    Plants arrived healthy. Well packaged. They are lovely and hopefully we will enjoy them for years.

  5. Sara Palmquist (verified owner)

    Plants arrived well packaged and were very healthy- and, still thriving after a long hot summer!

  6. Lara (verified owner)

    did not come very healthy, leaves are wilted..and dry ends.. planted already..

  7. Carrol Russo

    love these plants

  8. Sandra (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my plants! I had ordered 30 Blush Pink Nandias and they had double checked to see if my number of plants were a mistake before shipping. I appreciated the attention! They ALL were shipped in excellent condition and I was very happy with their size and how healthy they were! The price was great (better than anywhere in my area) and I could not find 30 bushes anywhere.

  9. Travis (verified owner)

    Plants came very healthy, only problem I had was from shipping which is to be expected I guess Bc the shipping companies don’t care. But, did have 6 of the 8 nandinas completely out of pots with hardly any soil in them, guessing boxes were flipped over, other than that they are doing fine so far fingers crossed!

  10. Deirdre Haynes (verified owner)

    I like to push limits in my garden and i dont always provide 5 star service to my plants. This nandina, has experienced drought and extreme heat in the nursery can, but continues to be the star of the show. It joined my garden at a time when the weather is sporadic so it is figuring out if it should be growing or reasting here in 10a. As always plants are delivered quickly and well packaged. I considered adding a few more of the blush pinks but decided that this plant deserved to be a specimen right at the front of the border with a nice backup crew to highlight the beauty of its foliage.

  11. Craig (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and doing well after a few weeks

  12. Patti O. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier. Excellent company, good communication, fair prices. Highly recommended.

  13. Jeanne Stephenson (verified owner)

    My plants arrived so quickly! The packaging was marvelous: no dirt spillage, no broken limbs. I ordered 3 and they just settled right in, not shock at all. Great plants for visual interest

  14. John O.

    The six Blush Pink Nandina I purchased all arrived looking very healthy and strong. They have taken very well to my Part Sun location and really enjoy the humidity here in Zone 10. This is such a colorful and graceful plant, really glad I chose this one. provided excellent customer support and service, would surely purchase from again!

  15. Susan Conn (verified owner)

    We purchased 8 of these. They arrived in perfect shape and are now happy in the ground. They are beautiful and we can’t wait to watch them through the seasons.

  16. Amy Puckett (verified owner)

    I bought two of these Blush Pink Nandinas. One of them I’ve planted next to a Purple Daydream Loropetalum. The blush pink of the nandina and purple of the loropetalum accent one another very nicely. Very happy with this purchase.

  17. Elizabeth Washington (verified owner)

    My blush pink nandinas arrived in a very timely manner and were in perfect condition. I was curious as to how they would be shipped. However, they were packed phenomenally. The plants were the size ordered, healthy and simply gorgeous. I would highly recommend ordering from Plants by Mail.

  18. Bobbie (verified owner)

    My plants arrived in a very reasonable time and in excellent condition. One had broken away from the container but no harm done. They are all doing and look great.

  19. Cybil Leslie Solyn (verified owner)

    All arrived looking great. It took me two weeks to get these in the ground and they’ve held up well.

  20. MaryFrances (verified owner)

    These plants were so beautiful when they arrived. I was so excited to plant them and they are doing well in my garden!

  21. Barbara P (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition and is beautiful

  22. P. King (verified owner)

    Excellent plant, very healthy. Packaging was the best and plant arrived in perfect shape. Thanks.

  23. benjamin.harner (verified owner)

    Great plants! Can’t wait for winter to see them turn red.

  24. mkchan25 (verified owner)

    Always beautiful healthy plants from PBM. Exactly as pictured! I think I have overwatered one but that’s on me.

  25. Glenn Sutherland (verified owner)

    Plants look really healthy.Happy customer.

  26. Sukie

    Blush pink did extremely well during its’ first year and performs exactly as promised, it is a welcomed addition to my landscaping as it is well behaved and adds visual interest.

  27. Anonymous

    Received the plants in great shape. Great plants!!

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