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Breeze Lomandra

(2 customer reviews)

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About Breeze Lomandra

Breeze Lomandra is a grass like perennial with fine, strap like foliage that provides you with an easy to manage ground cover. In the late spring to early summer months Dwarf Mat Rush will produce yellow to orange plumes that can remain until autumn! At maturity expect your mat Rush plant to reach upwards of 3′ x 3′ and forming a natural mounding shape. 

This is a drought tolerant decorative plant and remains an evergreen in areas that reach as low as the teens in the winter. If you are placing your Breeze Lomandra in full sun expect foliage to be a lighter pine green than if you were to place it in the shade where it will take on a deeper hue of green.

In landscapes that are on the smaller side Breeze Lomandra makes for a great accent plant, foundational grower or along slopes to prevent or aid in erosion control. In larger areas it can be a great groundcover. Additionally, it is a plant that pairs perfectly with anything found in a xeriscape garden or Asian themed garden as well.

Breeze Lomandra Care

Breeze Lomandra remains hardy in USDA zones 7 – 11 down to 0°F when well-established. In zones that see colder temperatures consider planting Lomandra longifolia in a container than can be moved indoors when weather has become less than ideal.

This is a perennial grass like plant that is tolerant of many soils and levels of sunlight including full sun or heavy shade and clay, loam and/or sandy soil conditions.

When exposed to full sun your plant will take on a lighter hue of green while when placed in the shade you will be provided with a darker green appearance.

Is Breeze Lomandra invasive?

Lomandra breeze is not considered to be invasive nor toxic. This is a relatively easy plant to grow and maintain that will provide you with groundcover wherever you see fit. When it comes to Breeze Lomandra spacing it is all about preference. When planting a mass of Lomandra breeze plants, space them at least 2′ feet apart center to center.

Does Breeze Lomandra require pruning like other grasses?

Due to its grass like appearance the Lomandra Mat Rush has quickly gained popularity among landscapers and gardeners alike. This is not a plant the requires pruning, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. After a number of years, it may be in your interest to do a hard prune to allow new growth to flourish.

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Scientific Name
Lomandra longifolia ‘LM300’ PP15420
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
3' Tall x 3' Wide
Bloom Season
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2 reviews for Breeze Lomandra

  1. Rosemary Carter (verified owner)

    The three grasses I ordered were well packaged and arrived looking as they would in a nursery. I’ve planted them according to instructions and hope they will continue to look as good as they did on arrival.

  2. Irina Morozova (verified owner)

    I ordered three times already with PlantsbyMail. Super fast shipping, excellent quality plants and affordable pricing! Highly recommend to anyone!

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