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Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape

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About Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape

Timeless and unique, the Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape is perfect for your gazebo, patio, or porch. This vine is everbearing, which means that it will produce fruit repeatedly from spring until the first frost of the year! These mini grape clusters are delightfully sweet and thin-skinned, with few seeds. They have a beautiful dark purple shade once ripened. Kids love them, and adults do too! Eat them as-is off-the-vine, or order several plants and use your harvest to make your own wine or jelly.

These beauties are just begging to be planted in an ornamental planter. Give them an elegant trellis to climb, about 24 inches tall, and they're happy campers. At maturity, they reach only 2' H x 1" W!  They make a fantastic accent for garden parties, or wine and cheese tastings. Every one of your guests will be wondering where you got this stunning little fruit vine.

The Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape is one of three different dwarf grape vines in the Pixie series, which also includes the dark and beautiful Pinot Meunier Purple Dwarf Pixie Grape and the brilliant and elegant Riesling Dwarf Pixie Grape.

Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 4-9. After the first freeze of the year, this deciduous climbing vine will lose its leaves for the winter. New growth will re-emerge in early Spring. Additionally, if you are below USDA Zone 5 and intend to plant your Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape in a container, store the plant in a cool garage or unheated basement for the winter.

Grows best in Full Sun. Partial Sun with some afternoon shade is also acceptable.

Water 2-3 times per week for the first growing season if planted in the ground. If planting in a container, water 3-4 times per week.

Plant in soil that is rich in organic material, with good drainage and steady moisture.

Fertilize with a balanced organic fertilizer from early spring to mid-summer.

Spacing your Dwarf Grape Vine Plants

We recommend spacing your Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grapes at least 8 inches apart.

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Common Name
Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape
Scientific Name
Vitis vinifera 'VDG002' Plant Patent #26,123
, , , , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
2' H x 1' W
Sun Exposure
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1 review for Cabernet Franc Dwarf Pixie Grape

  1. Jake

    Do you ship to Canada?

    • nick norman

      I do apologize but we are unable to ship outside of the Lower 48 United States.

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