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Charm Hydrangea

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About Charm Hydrangea

Charm Hydrangeas are a popular ornamental plant known for their large, showy flowers that bloom in shades of pink and blue. They are a hybrid variety of hydrangea that was developed by crossing two different species of hydrangea plants.

In terms of landscape design, Charm Hydrangeas can be used in a variety of ways. They are often used as a focal point in garden beds or as a border plant to create a colorful edge to a garden or walkway. They also work well as mass planting in larger landscape designs, especially in areas that receive partial shade.

To grow Charm Hydrangeas, they require well-drained soil that is kept moist, but not waterlogged. They prefer partial shade, although they can tolerate full sun in cooler climates. Pruning should be done in late winter or early spring to remove dead or damaged wood and to shape the plant for the coming growing season.

Overall, Charm Hydrangeas are a versatile and easy-to-grow plant that can add a beautiful splash of color to any landscape design.

*The Charm Hydrangea is a deciduous/semi-evergreen plant and will go dormant during the winter months. When this plant is ordered during the Fall/Winter expect seasonal foliage decline(discoloration, spots, leaf drop) or the plant to arrive completely dormant.*

Spacing Your Charm Hydrangea

Space Your Charm Hydrangea 4 feet apart for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them 8+ feet apart to leave space between shrubs.

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Scientific Name
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Charm'
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Average Size
4-5' H x 4-6' W
Bloom Season
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1 review for Charm Hydrangea

  1. Karen Tiller (verified owner)

    Nice and healthy plants…may never go to a nursery again?

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