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Chicago Apache Daylily

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About Chicago Apache Daylily

A summer burst of color you almost won’t believe, the Chicago Apache Daylily, from the Southern Living Plant Collection, is sure to turn heads! Brilliant, ruffled red blooms with stunning golden centers crane towards the sun atop reliably beautiful green foliage. These blooms are traditionally around 5″ wide and prove to be remarkably colorfast in the summer sun. Expect the Chicago Apache to continuously bloom from June through August. Deadheading spent blooms will encourage this Hemerocallis to keep blooming even more. Bright green foliage reaches around 28 inches tall and will emerge in spring. These long foliage straps will last until the first frost, at which point they will go dormant.

Try them in a container, along a path as a border, or as an accent in your garden. Furthermore, plant them in groups for a truly spectacular display! Mass plantings will create a true spectacle while the Chicago Apache’s trademark blooms rebloom from summer to early fall.

Chicago Apache Daylily Care

This perennial is particularly easy to care for and has relatively low water requirements. Water them regularly while they are establishing themselves in the landscape, afterward, water is traditionally only needed in notable dry spells.

Plant in Full Sun to Partial Shade, in well-draining, fertile soil. In addition, these beauties don’t require much additional fertilization to grow and thrive. Supplementing your soil with an inch or two of compost every year should be plenty of fertilizer for this Daylily. If you do choose to fertilize, use a slow-release or organic fertilizer.

This variety of daylily exhibits rust and thrip resistance, as well. Additionally, this plant is capable of resisting city pollution and pavement salt, and once established, this daylily can prove remarkably long-lived.

After several years, your daylilies may need to be divided. Here’s a video from Better Homes & Gardens on dividing perennials.

Chicago Apache Daylily Spacing

For a solid mass planting or border plant every 12-16 inches apart. For individually spaced plantings plant 20+ inches apart

YouTube video

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Common Name
Chicago Apache Daylily
Scientific Name
Hemerocallis x 'Chicago Apache'
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Average Size
16–20" H x 20–24" W
Bloom Season
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