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Clean Sweep Snowbank™ Indian Hawthorne

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About Clean Sweep Snowbank™ Indian Hawthorne

The Clean Sweep Snowbank Indian Hawthorn from the Southern Living Plant Collection is in perfect tune with today’s gardens. It offers dense growth, glossy green foliage, and a massive display of white flowers in spring. The foliage of the Indian Hawthorn remains green year-round making this evergreen a popular landscape staple to provide a long-lasting ending interest. Mature shrubs will grow to become 2-3 ft tall while spreading 3-4 ft in diameter creating a very compact growth habit. In USDA zones 7 – 10 your plant will remain hardy down to 0°F.

In addition to the spring flowers the Snowbank Indian Hawthorn also produces an abundance of small berries that will attract wildlife and pollinators such as birds and butterflies. This easy to care for plant hasn’t become popular for no reason, of course, and whether you are an experienced gardener or a novice in the gardening space anyone is capable to growing a happy, healthy Indian Hawthorn.

Snowbank Indian Hawthorn Key Features

With its compact growth habit this is a cultivar that is well suited for use as foundation shrubs or as low hedges unlike its larger relatives which are perfect for hedges or screenings. Once mature and well established they are quite water wise, salt tolerant and pest resistant them making them wonderful options for coastal plantings and container plants.

Caring for Clean Sweep Snowbank Indian Hawthorn

Once your shrub has arrived you will want to be sure to water before planting. This is a full sun to part shade plant so choose an area that receives suitable sunlight and begin digging! Dig a hole 3x the width of the Southern Living Plant Collection pot you received and backfill the plant 1 – 2″ above soil level. If necessary, water and add more soil to the plant until it has been settled. In the early spring you may opt to fertilize you plant which should be done with a slow release, granular fertilizer.

Indian Hawthorn Soil

Your Snow White Indian Hawthorn will thrive in well-drained moist soil, but if your soil lacks these properties there is little need to worry. If you are planting Indian Hawthorn in dense clay, sandy soil or soil with other poor characteristics just follow this guide!

  • If you have dense clay: Mix in organic matter such as composted cow manure, mushroom compost and/or a plating mix at 1:1 ratio after removing the native soil from the hole.
  • If you have sandy, fast draining soil: If possible, mixing with topsoil, peat moss and/or compost will help the soil develop into the well-draining and moist soil that your plant will thrive upon.

How to Space Your Snowbank Indian Hawthorne 

Plant Your Snowbank Indian Hawthorne 3-5 feet apart is the average spacing. This will allow proper air flow between several plants. If you are looking to cover more ground, feel free to plant your shrubs 7 – 8 ft apart instead to create a formal hedge.

Scientific Name
Raphiolepis Hybrid ‘DB-01’ PP32786
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
2-3' H x 3-4' W
Bloom Season
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