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Colocasia Royal Hawaiian® ‘Waikiki’

(5 customer reviews)

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About Colocasia Royal Hawaiian® ‘Waikiki’

Colocasia esculenta ‘Waikiki’ is a new variety of Colocasia for 2022 being brought to us from the wonderful Royal Hawaiian collection! Waikiki foliage is dazzling with deep-green, glossy foliage that appears to have been sprinkled with white markings. One thing no one will be able to miss is the eye-catching vivid pink veins throughout each elephant ear leaf. The veins are formed when the back of each leaf change from purple to green, creating a purple dot in the center that will eventually flow into the veins.

Expect fully mature plants to reach a very manageable 3′ tall x 3′ wide when grown in adequate conditions. Full-sun, partial-sun, and semi-shade are all acceptable light levels as these are native to tropical climates! Bright sun and moist soil are BEST in humid climates. 

Container gardens, borders and in mass are all great uses for this tropical beauty. Cold hardy in USDA zones 7b – 11 so they are able to withstand freezing temperatures down to 5°F, but keep in mind that they are deciduous plants. Remove dead leaves during the growing seasons.

Colocasia Waikiki Care

Elephant ears can survive in a location that receives full sun or partial shade, but it is dependent upon other factors such as the areas water supply and weather. Both indoor and outdoor plants will prefer a large amount of filtered sunlight and have medium watering needs.

Water before planting and then dig hole 2x the width of the pot it was received in. Plant 1-2″ above ground soil level and backfill hole with soil. Water deeply to settle, add soil if need be and finally mulch around the plant sure to avoid areas closest to the stem.

Well-draining soil rich in organic matter, like compost or manure, are good options for Elephant Ears. A water-soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer is a good option that provides a good balance of nutrition. You can also use an all-purpose fertilizer high in nitrogen to feed your elephant ears.

Scientific Name
Colocasia esculenta ‘Waikiki’
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
3′ high x 3′ wide
Bloom Season

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5 reviews for Colocasia Royal Hawaiian® ‘Waikiki’

  1. Euphama Stephens (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and in great shape

  2. Dean Evans (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy on arrival.

  3. P K Lea (verified owner)

    Delivery resulted in a sad damaged plant

    • Christy Miller

      Customer service has reached out to you directly.

  4. Wayne McCallum (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in really good shape and was still moist. Packaging was very good. I nursed the plant for about a week to ley it acclimate to its new environment. (left in in its pot in bright indirect sunlight). I watered it at least every other day. Today it was still looking good and I planted it in my shrub bed. So far, i am really pleased!

  5. Thomas Rylah (verified owner)

    Singular plant and looks nothing like in the photo, it is expensive for a single stem plant and was completely different than what is advertised above in the pictures.

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