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Color Guard Yucca

(2 customer reviews)

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About Color Guard Yucca

The Color Guard Yucca (or Adam’s Needle) from the Southern Living Plant Collection is a gorgeous and water-wise addition to any landscape or garden! Boldly variegated, spear-shaped foliage remains colorful, attractive, and evergreen all year long. Thick creamy yellow-white bands run the length of the blade, encased by dark olive-green margins.

During Summer, the Color Guard Yucca produces tall spikes of crisp white blooms. These showy blossoms create quite a spectacle. For a particularly impressive scene, try using them as a mass planting or planting them with darker colored plants.

The Color Guard is a fast-grower and will quickly reach 3′ H x 4′ W. Once well established in your landscape, this easy care variety won’t require much maintenance or attention.

Gardeners in dry areas rejoice! This Yucca is notably drought tolerant. Therefore, it’s perfect for Xeriscape gardens.

The Color Guard Yucca is tolerant of hot weather, wind, and humidity. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any notable pest problems, such as rabbits or deer.

Building a Mediterranean garden? The Color Guard Adam’s Needle will fit right in!

Try it with another popular Xeriscaping Southern Living variety, the Orange Rocket Barberry.

Color Guard Yucca Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 4-10.

Plant in Full Sun for best results. Although, it is capable of tolerating a low amount of shade.

The Color Guard Yucca grows best in rich to average soil. Good drainage is crucial for ensuring long-term success. Poor drainage often results in root rot.

Regular supplementary watering is necessary after the initial planting. This will help it to establish deep roots. After the first growing season, supplementary watering of the Color Guard Yucca becomes generally unnecessary, except in times of intense heat and drought.

Fertilize in early spring with a slow-release balanced fertilizer. However, Yuccas have grown accustomed to sparse nutrient environments. Fertilizer isn’t required to keep them growing and thriving.

Spacing Your Color Guard Yucca 

For a seamless planting, plant your Color Guard Yucca 2-3 feet apart. Otherwise, space them 2-3+ feet apart for gaps between plants.

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Scientific Name
Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard'
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Average Size
48" wide by 36" tall
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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2 reviews for Color Guard Yucca

  1. Kathy McMahan (verified owner)

    My color guard yucca rrived in perfect condition – professional and careful packing. Now if only I can keep it alive in over 100 degree heat!

  2. Brittany (verified owner)

    They can very healthy and quickly!

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