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Coral Knock Out Rose

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About Coral Knock Out Rose

The Coral Knock Out Rose is a brand new addition to the classic Knock Out Family of roses! This variety brings the reliable reblooming nature of Knock Out Roses to a whole new gorgeous hue. Stunning orange blooms emerge abundantly throughout the year, reblooming reliably beginning in spring and continuing until the first frost of the year. Hot, humid weather produces a richer terra cotta orange than more moderate areas. As the flowers age, they fade to coral pink. This creates a dynamic color variety on just one shrub!

New foliage emerges with a bronze-red hue before maturing to a medium green shade. It grows in a naturally upright and bushy habit, dense with leaves.

Like all Knock Outs, Coral is resistant to black spot disease, and it’s one of the most disease-resistant roses on the market.  Additionally, the flowers are self-cleaning, meaning that they fall off once they’re spent. So deadheading is unnecessary!

The Coral Knock Out Rose reaches a maximum size of 4.5′ H x 4.5′ W. However, it takes trimming quite well and can be kept smaller and more compact if so desired. New growth flushes out rapidly, so don’t be afraid to snip away.

Use this rose as a hedge, accent, specimen, or even a container plant. You won’t go wrong!

Coral Knock Out Rose Care

This selection grows well from USDA Zones 5-11.

Knock Out Roses require 6+ hours of direct sun to grow and bloom properly.

Plant in rich garden soil with good drainage for best results.

After planting, water 2-3 times per week for the first growing season. During the second season, provide supplementary water as needed.

We recommend pruning your rose back by 1/3 every year in late winter/early spring and fertilizing with a slow-release fertilizer to maximize growth and bloom potential of your plant.

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Spacing Recommendations for the Coral Knock Out Rose

We recommend planting your Coral Knock Out Roses 3 feet apart for a seamless hedge.

Try pairing them with some other classic roses from this family, the Double Red Knock Out Rose and the Sunny Knock Out Rose.

Scientific Name
‘Radral’ PP19803
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Average Size
4.5' H x 4.5' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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1 review for Coral Knock Out Rose

  1. Doug

    It was DOA… over 10 days in transit

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