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Dragon Prince™ Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar)

(29 customer reviews)

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About Dragon Prince™ Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar)

Add texture and nice, evergreen color to your landscape with Dragon Prince Cryptomeria. Its rounded, compact habit and stiff, light-green foliage make it a versatile addition to the garden. It thrives in full sun, is cold hardy to zone 6, and will grow to 2–3′ H x 3–4′ W.

Dragon Prince™ Cryptomeria Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 6-10

Prefers Full Sun., Although some shade is tolerated, plenty of sun ensures that the Dragon Prince™ has dense, rich light-green foliage.

Water 2-3 times a week for the first growing season. Afterwards, provide supplemental watering 1-2 times a week when rainfall is low.

Plant the Dragon Prince™ in moist, rich, acidic soil for best results. Top-dress the soil underneath your plant with 2-3 inches of compost every year to keep it flush with organic matter.

Fertilize yearly in spring with a balanced, acidic plant fertilizer. For more rapid growth, reapply fertilizer every few months during the growing season.

Dragon Prince™ Spacing Recommendations 

Plant Your Dragon Prince™ 3-4 feet apart for a seamless planting, Otherwise, space them 6-8+ feet apart for gaps between plants.

YouTube video

Try planting the Dragon Prince™ with vibrantly colored plants such as the Early Bird Purple Crape Myrtle or the Orange Rocket Barberry


Common Name
Dragon Prince™ Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar)
Scientific Name
Cryptomeria japonica 'sPg-3-014'
, , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
2–3' H x 3–4' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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29 reviews for Dragon Prince™ Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar)

  1. Rick Mayers

    10 of my plants have turn completely brown but the rest of them look fine except some of the branches have some brown . Will you replace them ? I can send you photos so you can see some of the plants are dark green but you can see the brown plants in the row of plants

    • Team PBM

      Good morning. Thank you for inquiring about our warrantee information. As can be seen here… we offer a 30 day warrantee on our plants to help customers with transplant shock. As you order was made 5 months ago there is no assistance available for replacement. – Christy

  2. Blane (verified owner)

    Very Very pleased with my plants. They arrived in a timely manner and looked amazing. Planted immediately and they are thieving.

  3. Debra Kosler (verified owner)

    These 2 cryptomerias are so neat looking and beautiful in my containers. They look very healthy and are a good size. Now, if i can just keep them alive here in Texas, zone 8b, because the heat has been so awful. Thank you so much. LOVE THEM!

  4. Rebecca White (verified owner)

    Plants were packed with great care and arrived in perfect condition. They were similar in size and shape – so placement was very easy (no needing to match shapes or sizes). I couldn’t have chosen better myself!

  5. Kevin Lee (verified owner)

    Dragon Prince received looked like a squashed alien head, nothing like the balance form shown on online product page. Would definitely not buy such a poorly formed plant if I did in a local nursery. Thought an online company would have a more discerning eyes when picking and sending out plants. Lesson learned. Use a local nursery

  6. Paula Garcia (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant. Got misty-eyed when it dropped out of the box. Wonderful

  7. Maureen Larican (verified owner)

    These Dragon Prince cryptomeria are so gorgeous. I am so glad I finally decided to get them. Thank you for packing these so well for their long travel (to me) and for the great care of the plants. Plants arrived fast and in great shape. Special thanks to Horttube (Jim Putnam) for putting this on my radar.

  8. Denise Raker

    No issues, arrived fast & very healthy, full bushes that the deer will not eat. And my deer eat everything!

  9. Glenn Sutherland (verified owner)

    Plants arrived looking great. Thanks

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