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Emerald Snow® Loropetalum

(3 customer reviews)

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About Emerald Snow® Loropetalum

The new Emerald Snow Loropetalum from the Southern Living Plant Collection is the perfect choice for any size of yard or garden. Growing only 4-6′ H x 3-4′ W, these dense shrubs produce a layered growth habit that requires little to no pruning. Combining lustrous green foliage with multitudes of delicate white flowers in spring, the Emerald Snow creates a floral display that is reminiscent of a vibrant green bush coated with a light blanket of snow. After an initial bloom in Spring, occasional blooms will occur through summer and fall. This hardy dwarf semi-evergreen is particularly impressive as a mass planting and will be sure to draw attention as an elegant accent plant. Planting in full sun to part shade will allow for the Emerald Snow to perform to its full potential.

How to Space Your Emerald Snow Loropetalum 

For a seamless planting, plant your Emerald Snow Loropetalum 2 feet apart. Otherwise, space them 5+ feet for gaps between plants.

Planting tips for Acid Loving Plants

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Common Name
Emerald Snow® Loropetalum
Scientific Name
Loropetalum chinensis 'Shang-White' PP 21738 - Emerald Snow
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
4-6' H x 3-4' W
Bloom Season
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3 reviews for Emerald Snow® Loropetalum

  1. mikehdss3 (verified owner)

    The plant is in great shape, new growth on it, a few flowers on it, very pleased once again with you and your quick service, delivery, and great plant quality. I WILL be ordering from you again and again.

  2. Ryn Gargulinski (verified owner)

    Plant would have been good had it not been turned upside down and smashed by FedEx, leaving it with a massive bald spot and many broken branches. Angrily complained to Plants by Mail; sent photo of the damage. Was told it looks healthy and it will grow up just fine. Didn’t know they were soothsayers.

    But do know they go WAAAAAY out of their way not to reimburse you if the plants arrive totally messed up. Three more beefs:
    1. One plant missing altogether (for which they did reimburse me)
    2. One plant mislabeled, which caused me to plant it in the wrong spot until I realized through research it was NOT the plant they said it was.
    3. If you order more than one plant, expect them to arrive willy-nilly, days apart. This makes it impossible to dedicate certain time to planting project unless you like leaving the broken, dried-out plants in the pots they were shipped in until all your plants arrive.
    DEFINITELY not coming back here.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning again Ms Ryn. Despite your very profane and nasty messages you were dealt with in a very professional and kind manner. You were refunded and from our previous email exchanges you were satisfied with the results. I hope you can find peace in your life and business dealings in the future. – Christy

  3. Bruce

    These came on a very hot day, 92 degrees. They were in good shape. Small plants that will grow up.

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