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BloomStruck Hydrangea® | Endless Summer®

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The Bloomstruck Hydrangea has a neat mounding growth habit of dark green foliage that will reach 3-4′ across with a spread of 4-5′. Rose-pink, purple, or blue mop-head blooms grow 3.5 – 5 inches across.

Endless Summer is well-known for their collection of reliably beautiful, reblooming Hydrangeas, and the Bloomstruck Hydrangea is no exception! Dr. Michael Dirr of Plant Introductions, Inc. first bred this remarkable hydrangea, and gardens across the nation have never been the same since. The Bloomstruck Hydrangea has a neat mounding growth habit of dark green foliage that will reach 3-4′ across with a spread of 4-5′. Rose-pink, purple, or blue mop-head blooms grow 3.5 – 5 inches across. Like other Macrophylla Hydrangeas, you can change the color of your blooms by raising or lowering the pH level of your soil. More acidic soil will bring out the blue tones in the blooms, and more alkaline soils will produce pink blooms.


Although capable of several colors, the Bloomstruck is most noted for its rich violet-blue flowers which truly separate it from the pack. Enjoy the beautiful blooms all season long, as this landscape treasure continuously reblooms from spring to fall.


Additionally, the BloomStruck Hydrangea produces strong and beautiful red-purple stems that add a fantastic contrast to the dynamic, rich flowers. BloomStruck Endless Summer Hydrangeas are renowned for their ability to bloom on old and new wood!



Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea Care

Hardy from Zones 4-9.


Plant the Bloomstruck Hydrangea in partial shade in all zones. However, these Hydrangeas can handle some direct sun. Gardeners in the Northern US can allow around 3 hours of direct sun, while gardeners in the Southern US won’t want to allow more than 1-2 hrs of direct sunlight.


Or on the side of caution as they are very susceptible to burning with too much direct sun exposure.


Hydrangeas need constant moisture to thrive, therefore supplemental watering may be necessary to ensure their success in times of drought. In addition, we recommend watering them a couple of times per week while the plant is establishing itself. This will help it establish deep roots that are able to tap water from deep in the soil.


Standing water will cause root rot and the rapid demise of this plant. Consequently, well-draining soil is essential for the Bloomstruck Hydrangea.


We recommend fertilizing with a slow-release fertilizer in late spring or summer. Furthermore, fertilizers with a balanced NPK ratio will work, however, you may want to choose a fertilizer that is higher in Phosphorus. This will encourage increased bloom production.

Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea Spacing

For a continuous hedge plant 2.5-3′ apart. For space between plantings leave 5’+ between plants.

Planting Instructions from Endless Summer

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5 reviews for BloomStruck Hydrangea® | Endless Summer®

  1. Jennifer Lemke

    I was a little skeptical to order from online but I am REALLY glad I did! The Bloomstruck Hydrangeas I ordered came very quickly and were huge and beautiful!

  2. John Van Beber

    These look absolutely awesome when they arrive. Make sure to follow instructions and take them out of the packaging and remove the plastic as soon as they arrive. Need a lot of water at first. Great buy.

  3. levi_abrenica (verified owner)

    I ordered this in a 2 gallon container. The plant came well packaged and healthy but small for a 2 gallon size. It is more appropriate for a 1 gallon container. A little disappointed.

    • PlantsbyMail Customer Service

      After receiving this review, we reached out to this customer in order to remedy the situation. To date, we haven’t heard back.

      Be sure to contact us if you have any issues with your order!

  4. victoria.m.clair (verified owner)

    Ordered in late spring and held a week or two until last frost. Plant is definitely establishing now (midsummer) and has begun to rebloom however the blooms at this point are much smaller than my other hydrangeas. Will update review if blooms are larger next year. Would still recommend and still satisfied.

  5. Sheri (verified owner)

    Better Than the Nursery!
    I ordered 21 endless summer Bloomstruck hydrangea and each and every one looks full, green and has the start of green blooms. Nicer than the local nursery and big box stores I just went to a couple days ago and a better price with the quantity discount. They came well packaged, well watered. If all the plants are are nice as these PlantsBy mail is a gardeners dream. Delivered a day early by FedEx. I’ve been gardening for 25+ years so I can say that these are quite nice and delivered to my doorstep! Open the box top, push the four plant holding cardboard placeholders out, open the bottom and slide the plant all the way out from the bottom of the box. Remove the plastic bag that keeps the soil neat during transport, water and you are good to go. Recommend this mail by order plant store. Wuhoo!

    Now what else can I order………

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