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English Ivy liners | 3" pots - 18 pack tray

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About English Ivy liners | 3" pots - 18 pack tray

English Ivy is an ornamental vigorous growing woody perennial vine. The attractive foliage of this Ivy is glossy and dark green with light greenish-white veins. It is often used as a ground cover or as a climbing vine on a trellis, fence, pergola, or walls. English Ivy will grow best in an area that receives part to full shade in well drained soil. These English Ivy Liner are shipped in an 18 pack of 3 inch liner cells and the average height will be 3-6 inches of growth


Common Name
English Ivy liners | 3" pots - 18 pack tray
Scientific Name
Hedera helix
, , , , , ,
Average Size
1' H x 1-2' W
Sun Exposure

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