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Espoma Organic Plant-Tone – 4lb Bag


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About Espoma Organic Plant-Tone – 4lb Bag

Plant-tone® from Espoma Organic is the original all-purpose plant food for all flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs. Plant tone is a tried-and-true product in world of gardening due to its all-in-one composition. This fertilizer has been blended with Bio-tone microbes which consists of the finest natural ingredient blend available.

Plant-tone is a natural fertilizer for plants and due to its slow-release is able to form a long-lasting reservoir of nutrients to ensure superior development and formation of the healthiest fruits, vegetables and blooms possible.

What Type of Plants Can You Use Plant Tone On?

Plant-tone is an organic fertilizer safe for use on flowering annuals, perennials and roses. In addition to those Plant-tone is a great fertilizer for vegetables, shrubs and even trees.

Plant Tone Is 100% Organic

Plant-tone has been approved for organic gardening! It is a registered organic input material which states all organic classification standards have been met.

The Organic Input Material or OIM, is a program that registers fertilizing materials to be used in organic crop and food production. The program is mandated by legislature and is supported by the industry.

Plant gardeners and vegetable gardeners rejoice! There are no concerns of chemical run off and your fertilizer will contain no fillers.

When To Use Plant-Tone Fertilizer

Apply to the soil near the drip line of your plant and water deeply to settle. Plant-tone is ready to use right out of the bag and requires no special tools or mixing.

  • Trees & Shrubs: Spring and late Fall
  • Flowers and Vegetables: Once per month during their growing season

How To Use Plant-Tone Fertilizer

  • Garden Beds: Mix into top 4 inches of soil at the rate of 4 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.
  • New Plantings: Mix 1 cup into soil used to backfill the planting hole.
  • Established Plants:
    • Shrubs: Use 1 cup per foot of drip line diameter; double rate if the diameter is larger than 3 feet.
    • Trees: Use 3 lbs. per inch of trunk diameter; doubled for trees over 6 inches in trunk diameter.
    • Flowers & Vegetables:  Apply 1 cup per plant.
  • Potted Plants: Mix 2 cups of Plant-tone into each cubic foot of soil. Feed established plants 1 teaspoon for every 3 inches of pot diameter. Repeat monthly.


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