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EverColor® Everest Carex

(5 customer reviews)

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About EverColor® Everest Carex

The Everest Carex produces elegant white and green variegated foliage. The long-leafed foliage grows in a naturally mounding habit. Consequently, this Sedge grass excels at adding dynamic groundcover texture to any landscape or garden.

A moderate growth rate and a mature size of 18″ H x 18″ W means that trimming is completely unnecessary. Therefore, low-maintenance gardeners can rest assured that this grass won’t go wild while they aren’t looking.

The Everest Carex is bring extra interest to shady spots and add a dynamic texture to your container gardens. A phenomenal pairing includes using the Everest in a container with the Purple Pixie Loropetalum. The Pixie will spill over the edge, while the Carex fills the container. All you need to complete the perfect container at that point is a vertical growing thrill plant, such as the Poquito Banana. Otherwise, try it as an accent, border, or mass planting, or anywhere you need a low-growing burst of color.

Everest Carex Care

Hardy from Zones 5-9, and down to -20°F once well established. We recommend a layer of mulch around this plant in the winter to protect from freezes.

Plant in part shade to shade for best results.

Water regularly after planting until established, traditionally at least 3 months. This will allow the roots to reach deeper, which will help to ensure its long-term success. Afterwards, the Everillo only needs supplemental watering is during times of drought.

Plant Everest in moist, well-drained garden soil. Poor drainage will lead to root rot and the expiration of the plant.

A light application of fertilizer in spring is sufficient for this grass to thrive.

Snip off old foliage in spring, if desired.

For more tips on caring for your ground cover grasses check out our ground cover grasses care guide.

Spacing Your Evercolor Everest Carex

For a seamless planting, space your Evercolor Everest Carex 11-12 inches apart from plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 1.5 feet apart.

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Scientific Name
Carex oshimensis Carfit01 (PBR)
, , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
12-18” H x 12-18" W
Bloom Season

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5 reviews for EverColor® Everest Carex

  1. SuperNova (verified owner)

    Plants were very healthy and looked great. Only down fall was delivery they didn’t read the box at all so when I opened them there were out of there pots and soil everywhere.

  2. Joanne Tulini (verified owner)

    I wish mine looked like the picture.

    • Team PBM

      Thank you for reaching out to customer service prior to this review. We were very happy to send you a replacement plant. When orders are received in winter they will vary slightly as they are in a dormant stage. When spring arrives these plants will flush and look as our pictures. – Christy

  3. michael.varga211 (verified owner)

    Large very full sized plant. Healthy and strongly rooted. Transplanted so easily with no stress whatsoever.

  4. Ann Kammerer (verified owner)

    Came in great condition. Beautiful color and form. Putting it against green arborvitae and it looks beautiful with the contrast in both color and texture.

  5. mgauker (verified owner)

    Very nice plants. They bring some needed light to a shady area of the garden.

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