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Forever Goldy Arborvitae

(8 customer reviews)

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About Forever Goldy Arborvitae

The Forever Goldy Arborvitae (Thuja plicata ‘4EVER’ PP19267) is a brilliant upright evergreen that wants to bring a little sunshine into your landscape! It has gorgeous golden-yellow and emerald green foliage that is compact and evergreen throughout the year. This foliage is fanned and feathery, quite similar in texture to the very popular Emerald Green Arborvitae. It grows upright with a naturally pyramidal habit and reaches a moderate size of 10-12′ H x 3-3.5′ W at maturity.

Once established, this tree proves itself to be quite hardy. It’s heat and drought tolerant and handles cold in stride as well.

This cultivar is perfect as a low-maintenance privacy screen, specimen, accent, or foundation planting. Furthermore, its dense foliage does a fantastic job of filtering out noise and pollution when planted in a tight row as a privacy planting.

Forever Goldy Arborvitae Care

  • This selection is hardy from USDA Zones 5-8.
  • It should be planted in Full Sun for ideal results.
  • Water your new plantings 2-3 times per week for the first growing season. After it’s completely established in your landscape, it will prove itself to be notably water-wise.
  • It handles most soils as long as it has good drainage
  • Fertilize in spring with a slow-release, balanced fertilizer to promote new growth

How to Plant:

  1. First, dig a hole roughly three times the width of the root ball of your plant to make it easier for the roots to spread out.
    • Dig the hole deep enough that your plant will sit level with the ground around it. If you have slow-drainage, you can plant slightly above the ground level.
  2. Mix your native soil with rich gardening soil or composted manure to provide extra nutrients and support plant growth.
    • If your soil is clay-heavy, we recommend mixing your native clay soil with equal parts of pine bark mulch to improve drainage and the overall breathability of the soil.
  3. Put the plant in the hole and backfill around it with the soil mixture.
  4. Top the soil beneath your plant with 3-4 inches of mulch to help it retain moisture.
  5. Soak the plant with a hose afterward to hydrate the plant, as well as get the soil and mulch situated.

Spacing your Forever Goldy Arborvitae

For a seamless privacy planting, space your plants 2-2.5 feet apart. For notable space between plants, plant 4 feet or more apart.

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Scientific Name
Thuja plicata '4EVER' PP19267
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
10-12' H x 3-3.5' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season

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8 reviews for Forever Goldy Arborvitae

  1. Chris Greiner (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this goldy! Can’t wait to get it planted this spring! Will order from Pbm again!

  2. cdgreiner (verified owner)

    Received goldy today along with others. In zone 5, so apprehensive about ordering “southern” trees and plants. Although the delivery driver can’t read what “this side up” means ALL the trees I ordered were in great shape and look very healthy. Will keep in my cold storage till spring. Will order from this company in the future!

  3. Elray Boudreaux (verified owner)

    I want to be fair with my review on plants by mail. On my other review i gave a low rating because of shipping problems. But i did get my two Forever Goldy plants and even though they came in a little later then what was expected the plants were in great shape and are doing fine. So i would have no problem with ordering again with them.

  4. Michelle Reimer (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my big beautiful tree, great size for the price! No damage from shipping even tho the delivery man paid no attention to which side of the box was supposed to be up. ☺️

  5. Lysa (verified owner)

    These just arrived and they are larger and healthier than I expected. We will order more next spring!

  6. Mike (verified owner)

    Plants By Mail is my exception to the rule. Having been burned in the past by an online nursery, I expected these to arrive small, in distress or half dead. You’d think that the nursery was just across the street from me. I’m amazed by the pristine health of the plants and having shipping experience myself, the manner they were packed for successful shipping. These showed up at my door in better condition than most current stock at local nurseries. From me, Plants By Mail have earned further business.

  7. Elray Boudreaux (verified owner)

    I ordered two forever goldy four days ago and it shows they shipped. But both are still in Alabama waiting to be shipped but they took my money already. So do not believe what there video shows how they ship because its a lie. They do not ship the next day.

    • Team PBM

      Good morning. This order was placed on a Saturday. During the off season we do not work on the weekend. Your order was processed first thing Monday morning and shipped the following day. Please allow for sufficient time for delivery. – Christy

  8. charise_wilkes (verified owner)

    I see that this Arborvitae has a description video from Jim Putnam which is so cool because I watched a video of Jim’s regarding PBM before I placed my order. I’d always ordered from a few select other places and was apprehensive. Jim’s video showed the PBM facility and went through the process of how things are shipped and received. I was so impressed with my purchase of Forever Goldy. They both arrived in tact with the soil still moist. And the size I ordered fit the description upon arrival. They were just so vibrant and lovely! Impressive. You’ve earned a new customer PBM! Well done!

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