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Frost Proof Gardenia

(26 customer reviews)

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About Frost Proof Gardenia

A classic selection, the Frost Proof Gardenia is a gardening favorite for a reason! Every summer, this Gardenia produces powerfully fragrant, crisp white flowers that reach two to three inches across. If you’re familiar with gardenias, then you’re aware of the intoxicating scent! They have a rich and sweet fragrance, characteristic of summers in the South. Additionally, they make great cut flowers. We recommend snipping a few blooms to bring their sweet smell with you.

Unlike the name tends to suggest, the Frost Proof Gardenia is not “frost proof.” The name specifically comes from the ability of this shrub’s flower buds to resist damage from late spring frosts. So although it is more cold tolerant than other Gardenias, it is not impervious to freezing weather. In addition, we recommend covering it during extended periods of frost for its first few growing seasons.

Slender, light green leaves emerge in spring, before maturing to a glossy dark green. This foliage is the perfect backdrop for the snowy white blossoms that are highly anticipated every year.  Furthermore, this attractive foliage remains evergreen all year long, meaning it won’t leave your landscape bare in wintertime.

The Frost Proof Gardenia has an upright but controlled growth habit. Therefore, it’s great for planting as a hedge or a foundation, as it will rarely require pruning or trimming.

This shrub will eventually grow to be 3-‘ H x 3-4’ W.

Frost Proof Gardenia Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 7-11.

Plant in Full Sun to Part Shade The Frost Proof Gardenia can handle more direct sunlight than other varieties of gardenia. However, gardeners in the South should avoid the all-day sun and instead plant this variety where it will be shaded from the afternoon sun.

Water regularly until established. This will generally take around 3 months at the very least. During this time, ensure that your soil is neither drying out nor remaining too soggy. Afterward, water once a week if needed.

For best results, plant in acidic, well-draining soil.

Fertilize your Frost Proof in Spring and Summer with acidic plant fertilizer. If you’re afraid you might use too much, use slightly less than the recommended amount. This can help prevent accidental over-fertilization.

Spacing Your Frost Proof Gardenia 

Plant your Frost Proof Gardenias 2-3 feet apart from center to center for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them 4+ feet apart for space between each mature plant.

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Scientific Name
Gardenia jasminoides 'Frostproof'
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Average Size
3-5' H x 3-4' W
Bloom Season
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26 reviews for Frost Proof Gardenia

  1. Mary (verified owner)

    FiFirst order but it all went smoothly and the Gardenia was packed well and healthy on arrival. I’ll be back!

  2. Paul S (verified owner)

    Very healthy plants. Impressed with the abundance of growth. I continue to be impressed with Plants by Mail.

  3. Greg (verified owner)

    These arrived in great shape and with new growth taking place. Very pleased with this purchase. Highly recommend Plants by Mail and this variety of gardenias!

  4. Andrea Jacks (verified owner)

    Beautiful, full plants arrived in perfect condition. Not one yellow leaf to be found and great packaging to protect them.

  5. Prachi (verified owner)

    I ordered frost proof gardenia and it was delivered quickly in like 3 days and the quality of the plant was amazing. The packaging was awesome. The leaves were healthy and had pots of buds and 3 flowers already bloomed. The plant is nice and dense. Totally worth the money. Thank you

  6. Cindy M Swarner (verified owner)

    Delivered quickly in great condition.

  7. Greg Dale (verified owner)

    Plants arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

  8. Sandra Gleason

    Can’t wait to get my plant

  9. Barbara J McDonald (verified owner)

    I have never had plants arrive in such excellent condition. Their shipping department deserves a hugh pat on the back. My gardenias looked gorgeous. I will definitely buy again. I also complimented your company to both of the garden clubs I belong to.

  10. cjta1 (verified owner)

    All they say about these gardenia is true! They are full, healthy, and the flowers smell so sweet! I want more of these.

  11. jayne (verified owner)

    The plant arrived in perfect condition and full of buds. I repotted and have been enjoying the beautiful fragrant flowers. My plan is for it to winter inside.

  12. mylaughingdogs (verified owner)

    Less than a month since planted. Lost some leaves to transplant shock and was a little worried. It is recovering beautifully! I tried removing the buds to give it more energy to recover but they are so prolific I can’t keep up and the fragrance is intoxicating!

  13. Peggy Cubert

    Pleasantly surprised

  14. jxmaxwell (verified owner)

    Excited to see it flower. Came in perfect condition.

  15. hiyamakki (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy, large plant happily thriving in my garden. Can’t wait for flowers.

  16. Kathy Powell (verified owner)

    Very healthy plant!

  17. Ronald

    Love it

  18. Carroll Brown (verified owner)

    As always, gardenia arrived healthy.

  19. sherry nawrocki (verified owner)

    healthy plant – packaged perfectly and ready to plant – going to over winter in container –

  20. Joseph M (verified owner)

    My plants arrived in very good shape with flowers and an exquisite smell when removed from the box. Very, very good packaging which insure no damage during shipment. I really love them. Shipping also was very fast.

  21. Cheryl Dunn (verified owner)

    The gardenia arrived full of buds, we planted it and it has bloomed ever since, beautiful!

  22. John Warnock (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in great shape and were quick to take off once planted. They have maintained their appearance and hopefully will survive the hot summer.

  23. Ruth Green (verified owner)


  24. darlene.salisbury (verified owner)

    I live in Oregon. I ordered TWO 3 gallon size of these gardenias. Oh my goodness. I can’t even believe the quality, and how good they look. One even has blooms. I’m so pleased. Thank you Plants By Mail!!

  25. Rick Jessen (verified owner)

    I live in Wisconsin and purchased this in March I keep it as an indoor plant and it is bursting with flowers as of May 8th. Great gardenia and would buy from PBM in a heart beat

  26. Anonymous

    My plant has just arrived, and has not been planted yet but I am so pleased with the size (1 gal.) and healthy condition! Beautifully packed for shipping.

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