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Green Pittosporum (Japanese Mock Orange)

(2 customer reviews)

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About Green Pittosporum (Japanese Mock Orange)

Reliable and resilient, there’s a reason that the Green Pittosporum is a staple in landscapes across the nation! Its foliage is rich and dark green with a fantastic gloss. These leaves are evergreen, plentiful, and consistent. Each leaf is smooth and rounded on end. Furthermore, once established, this plant proves to be remarkably low-maintenance.

In spring, the Japanese Mock Orange earns its name. It produces small clusters of petite white blooms that smell like orange blossoms. Plant a couple next to your patio to enjoy their sweet fragrance every year!

This is a moderately growing variety, meaning it will grow somewhere between 12-20 inches every year.

When fully grown, the Green Pittosporum reaches 4-8′ H x 4-8′ W. However, it responds well to yearly trimming.

Coastal Gardeners will appreciate the salt tolerance of the Green Pittosporum. Pair it with other salt-tolerant varieties in a mixed garden bed, such as the Light Show Bottlebrush or Twist of Pink Oleander.

Looking for a little extra foliage flair? The Variegated Pittosporum is a very similar variety with white-edged leaves. Alternatively, the Mojo Pittosporum is a dwarf variety of variegated pittosporum with bolder leaf color.

Try the Green Pittosporum as a hedge, screen, border, accent, or container plant.

Green Pittosporum (Japanese Mock Orange) Care

Winter hardy in USDA Zones 8-11, down to 10°f once established.

Plant in Full Sun to Partial Shade for best results. Too much leads to decreased foliage and bloom potential.

Water 3-4 times per week in the first growing season. During the second year, water 2-3 times per week. Increase the watering frequency in times of extreme heat and drought.

The Green Pittosporum prefers rich soil with good drainage.

Fertilize several times during the year with a balanced fertilizer to promote plant growth.

Green Pittosporum (Japanese Mock Orange) Spacing Recommendations

Space your Green Pittosporum 3-5 feet apart for a seamless hedge or border. Plant them 8-10+ feet apart to leave space between them.

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Scientific Name
Pittosporum tobira
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Average Size
4-8' H x 4-8' W
Bloom Season
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2 reviews for Green Pittosporum (Japanese Mock Orange)

  1. Jet (verified owner)

    Having never ordered from PlantsbyMail before I was amazed when this Japanese Mock Orange arrived. It was packed well, soil still damp, and the plant was astonishingly lush, vibrant, bushy and bigger than I expected. Ive had it a month and the plant shows no signs of distress, not even a single yellowing leaf. I highly recommend.

  2. Candy (verified owner)

    Great looking well packed shrub that is beautiful in the garden

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