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Green Velvet Boxwood

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About Green Velvet Boxwood

The Green Velvet Boxwood (Buxus x ‘Green Velvet’) is a fantastic cultivar that is grown for its superior foliage and leaf color! It has true green leaves that are notably cold-hardy and evergreen throughout the year. New leaves emerge bright green and mature to the characteristic velvety green of this species.

This is a very low-maintenance shrub that maxes out at about 3-4′ W x 3-4′ H at maturity.

These Boxwoods are ideal choices for formal hedges thanks to their dense growth and petite leaves. A light trim or two every year will keep them looking nice and tidy. They also make for nice topiaries as well. Because they have a reliable growth habit, though, they don’t actually require any pruning. Let them grow freely and they’ll grow together in a rolling cloud-like shape. This really is one of the most easy-care varieties that you could plant.

This is an extremely deer resistant plant as well.

Green Velvet Boxwood Care

This is one of the most cold-hardy Boxwoods around. It grows well in USDA Zones 4-9.

Plant them in Full Sun to Part Shade for best results. We don’t recommend planting them where they will receive less than 3 hours of direct sunlight.

Water your new plantings 2-3 times per week for their first growing season in your landscape. This will encourage them to produce more roots that will help them succeed over time.

Fertilize in spring with a slow-release balanced fertilizer.

How to Plant:

  1. First, determine your planting location(s).
  2. Dig a hole that’s roughly three times as wide as your plant’s rootball.
    • The hole should only be deep enough that the top of the plant’s root ball is even with (or slightly above) the natural ground around it.
  3. Mix your native soil with some rich garden soil or composted manure to provide extra nutrients for your growing plant.
    • If your soil is clay-rich, we recommend mixing pine bark in with your soil at a ratio of about 1:1. This will improve the drainage and breathability of the soil.
  4. Put the plant in the hole and fill in around it with your soil mixture.
  5. Use a hose to soak your new planting and settle the soil.
  6. Water your new planting twice per week in average weather conditions. Water more often in extreme drought/heat conditions, water less often in wet weather.
    • After the first growing season, your Green Velvet Boxwood will rarely need supplementary water.

Spacing Recommendations:

  • For a tight seamless hedge, you can plant them as close as 1.5 feet apart. If you don’t want to go that close, planting them at 2 feet apart will also work. However, it will take a bit longer.
  • For space between plants, plant them over 4 feet apart.

Popular Companion Plants for the Green Velvet Boxwood

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Scientific Name
Buxus x 'Green Velvet'
, , , , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
3-4' W x 3-4' H
Bloom Season

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1 review for Green Velvet Boxwood

  1. Bonnie Johnson (verified owner)

    Plant was very healthy. Came quickly and in good shape.

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