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Halcyon Hosta

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About Halcyon Hosta

Hosta Halcyon is a medium-growing, clumping perennial. Halcyon’s leaves emerge as a lighter blue-green that matures to a greyish blue-green as the year progresses. It’s prized for the length of time it maintains its bluish hints throughout the year, making for a cool-hued accent in the shady parts of your garden. In mid to late summer, lavender flowers appear on two foot tall scapes. The flowers are not fragrant but have been known to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds. Some gardeners choose to cut back those bloom stalks in order to encourage foliage growth, which is where hosts really shine. Halcyon is a low-maintenance Hosta that prefers shady locations. Remember, this is a shade-loving plant that does best in full shade to part shade. It’s hardy in USDA Zones 3-8. It prefers moist soil, so make sure your soil drains well and you water your hosts regularly to encourage growth.

Halcyon Hosta Care

Plant Halcyon hosta in a location that receives mostly shade. This hosta doesn’t tolerate full sun. Hostas prefer neutral or acidic soil but prefer a well-aerated medium for best growth.

If grown in fairly fertile soil, you don’t need to fertilize it. If you want to use fertilizer, choose a well-balanced fertilizer during the vegetative period. No pruning necessary, but remove yellowed, dead, or damaged leaves. Also, you can deadhead stalks after the blooms wilt.

Halcyon Hosta Spacing Recommendations

We suggest spacing Halcyon Hosta 12″ apart to create a dense look or space 15″ apart to allow space between the plants.

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1 review for Halcyon Hosta

  1. Mike McNally (verified owner)

    I received my Halcyon Hostas from PlantsByMail. The packaging was so well engineered, and with the pots covered with plastic and a “draw string” top, the potting medium was kept moist, and the leaves were all in great condition. The plants were 2.5 quart size, and look great in my hosta garden. I look forward to dividing it next spring. I love Plants by Mail, and have never been disappointed. Great Plants, great service!
    Mike, Callawassie Island, SC

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