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Hilda Honeycutt Camellia (Japonica)

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About Hilda Honeycutt Camellia (Japonica)

The Hilda Honeycutt Camellia produces vibrant deep-pink to rose-red fully double blooms. These blooms start appearing in winter and continue into spring, making this one of the longest blooming varieties around. Furthermore, these blooms are quite large at around 4″ across.

Besides the huge eye-catching blossoms, the Hilda Honeycutt Camellia has gorgeous dark-green leaves with a glossy and leathery texture.

Each leaf is pointed, evergreen, and lightly serrated on the edge.

This pink blooming camellia reaches a mature height of 10-12′ H x 6-8′ W. However, it can be trimmed yearly to keep it at the desired size. Left untrimmed, it has a naturally compact, upright growth habit.

This is a great variety for Southern landscapes due to its heat and humidity tolerance.

Use the Hilda Honeycutt Camellia as a privacy screen, hedge, specimen, accent, or mass planting. Otherwise, try it in a large container planting.

Check out a couple other popular Camellia japonica varieties, the Professor Sargent Camellia and Seafoam Camellia

Hilda Honeycutt Camellia Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 7-9, down to 0° when completely established.

Prefers Filtered Sun to Partial Sun. Provide all-day filtered sun or 2-3 hours of direct sun for best results.

Water 2-3 times per week for the first growing season. During the second growing season, decrease watering to about 1-2 times a week. Afterward, the Hilda Honeycutt Camellia only needs water during extreme drought and heat.

Plant in rich, acidic soil with good drainage for best results. In addition, apply 3-4 inches of composted manure yearly to keep your soil healthy and full of organic matter.

Fertilize in early spring with an acidic plant fertilizer to keep your camellia happy and healthy.

Apply a few inches of mulch yearly to protect this camellia’s roots from extreme temperatures.

Hilda Honeycutt Camellia Spacing Recommendations 

Space Your Hilda Honeycutt Camellia 4-6 feet apart for a seamless planting. Otherwise, plant them 10+ feet apart to leave space between shrubs.

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Common Name
Hilda Honeycutt Camellia (Japonica)
Scientific Name
Camellia japonica 'Hilda Honeycutt'
, , , , ,
Average Size
10-12' H x 6-8' W
Bloom Season
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