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Hollywood Juniper

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About Hollywood Juniper

The Hollywood Juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’) is a branching Chinese Juniper that makes a great accent for formal gardens, topiary specimens, and artistic landscapes! This evergreen tree has a twisting/irregular upright growth habit with dense dark green foliage. This is a great plant for fans of low-maintenance landscapes, especially those with Asian/Zen, Contemporary, or Mediterranean themes.

Need a privacy screen? This is a perfect choice thanks to its dense foliage and fast-growing nature. It quickly matures to 12-15′ H x 8-10′ W and it does an excellent job of blocking out noise, wind, and prying eyes.

This is a tough specimen that handles heat and cold, as well as drought. After it gets situated in your landscape, this is certainly one of the hardiest ornamental trees around.

Hollywood Juniper Care

This a cold-hardy variety that grows in much of the United States. It’s hardy from USDA Zones 5-9 once established.

This tree grows best in Full Sun exposure. This allows for optimal foliage density and growth.

It performs well in average quality soil with good drainage. Soil type is generally only an issue when it drains poorly.

Water 2-3 times per week for the first growing season to help promote deep root growth.

How to Plant the Hollywood Juniper

First, find a suitable location for your Juniper based on the care requirements listed above. Then, dig a hole three times the width of your plant’s root ball (the clump of roots and dirt at the base of your plant). This allows the roots to spread out more easily. This part is optional, but we recommend mixing your native soil with rich gardening soil or composted manure to provide extra nutrients. Next, backfill the hole with the soil mixture and lay 3-4 inches of mulch around the base of your plant to help retain moisture. Lastly, soak the plant with the hose afterward to hydrate it as well as help the soil and mulch get situated.

Spacing Your Trees

Space your Torulosa Juniper 4-5 feet apart for a privacy screen planting. You can also plant them 6-7 feet apart diagonally with a zig-zag pattern to get screen coverage even more quickly. Otherwise, plant them 10+ feet apart to leave space between shrubs.

Recommended Companion Plants for Hollywood Junipers

This tree pairs well with a wide range of plants. Going for more of a formal landscape? Plant it with naturally rounded Boxwoods, like the Baby Gem Boxwood. Use them as round evergreen elements in the landscape to contrast with Hollywood Juniper’s tall and pointed foliage. Otherwise, try planting it with some reblooming roses for reliable pops of color.

Why Buy Hollywood Junipers Online from

We carefully select tall, healthy Juniper trees that are ready to take off like a rocket in your landscape. Then, we water them, securely package them for shipment, and get them on the road to your door. Not happy with your order? Contact us and let us know. We’ll do whatever we can to make it right.

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Scientific Name
Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa'
, , , , , , , , ,
Average Size
12-15' H x 8-10' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season

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