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Asiatic Jasmine

(2 customer reviews)

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About Asiatic Jasmine

Asiatic Jasmine (Asian Star Jasmine) is a classic choice for a dense fast growing ornamental ground cover. The oval shaped foliage is a rich glossy dark green color. In warmer climate, Asiatic Jasmine will be evergreen to semi-evergreen, and in colder climates, it may lose its and then flush out again in the spring. It grows well under shady trees and can also tolerate sun. Once established  Asiatic Jasmine can be quite drought tolerant, but may need some watering in extreme drought conditions.

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Common Name
Asiatic Jasmine
Scientific Name
Trachelospermum asiaticum
, , , , , ,
Average Size
1' H x 1-2' W
Bloom Season
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2 reviews for Asiatic Jasmine

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    I ordered these plants to arrive in Portland Oregon at the same time army visit at my daughters house. They are super expensive in PDX and this was a great alternative since she wanted a lot of Jasmine. They arrived on time and each plant had a really good rootball. This is winter 2023 so it was freezing and snowy outside. I opened the box and 2 of the plants had been ejected from their pot. But the root ball looked good so I put them back in with the loose dirt and watered. I forgot and left them out overnight. They froze solid! I put them in the garage when I woke up and saw them thinking I had just killed them all. You can tell pretty fast after thaw if they are still viable. I planted them, They were just fine. a week later and a few freezing nights and they are just fine. These are solid plants and hardened. I took 1 star off only due to the ejected plants. This was not the sellers fault. 100% the delivery company(Amazon) If you don’t mind waiting for the plants to grow then this is a great alternative. I would buy again.

  2. Deane Halvorsen (verified owner)

    My second order from Plants by Mail, and I was again very pleased with the quality of plants delivered. Excellent packaging, super healthy plants, and a much better price than the big box stores on the large number of jasmine plants I was looking for.

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