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Juliet® Cleyera

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About Juliet® Cleyera

Think you know Cleyeras?  The Juliet Cleyera from the Southern Living Plant Collection will make you think again! Bold, variegated foliage provides a dynamic twist on the conventional green Cleyera foliage. New growth emerges as a rich maroon before maturing to a gorgeous olive green with creamy white edges. This foliage is evergreen, and thus provides interest even in the dead of winter.

The Juliet Cleyera is perfect for anyone looking for the privacy of a Cleyera, but with a more unconventional look. At a mature size of 8-10′ H x 5-6′ W, this shrub is perfect for usage as a hedge or screen.  Furthermore, a compact growth habit ensures that this Cleyera will keep dense foliage at any size.

Alternatively, try this shrub as an accent, mass planting, or even a container. Simply trim in early spring before the initial flush to keep at your desired size and shape.

The Juliet Cleyera has impressive disease and pest resistance. Coupled with a heat-tolerant nature, this shrub is one of the hardiest plants around.

For a dynamic foliage contrast, try planting with the Purple Pixie Loropetalum, Purple Diamond Loropetalum, or Purple Daydream Loropetalum.

Juliet Cleyera Care

  • This plant thrives when planted in Full Sun to Part Shade.
  • The Juliet Cleyera needs regular water until well-established. This may take a few months. Also, during this time, please check frequently to make sure that the soil isn’t drying out or remaining soggy.
  • Plant in well-draining, acidic garden soil. Soil with poor drainage will lead to root rot and the expiration of your plant. Also, too alkaline soil will lead to unhealthy, yellow leaves.
  • Fertilize the Juliet Cleyera in early spring with a balanced fertilizer for acidic plants.

Spacing Your Juliet Cleyera 

For a seamless planting, plant your Juliet Cleyera 4 feet apart. Space them 7+ feet for gaps between plants.

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Scientific Name
Ternstroemia gymnanthera 'Broody' PP30450
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
8-10' H x 5-6' W
Bloom Season

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