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Kaleidoscope Abelia

(23 customer reviews)

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About Kaleidoscope Abelia

Kaleidoscope abelia is a variegated semi-evergreen shrub. It produces pink buds in the spring that open to petite, fragrant white flowers in the summer through the fall. But its variegated foliage with three seasons of color is where this shrub shines. Abelia kaleidoscope’s foliage emerges as variegated green and yellow, slowly turning gold in summer. Then, in the fall, the golden foliage turns reddish orange.

This glossy abelia is dwarf and gets only about 2 feet tall and has a 3.5-foot spread, making it great for colorful coverage. This abelia grandiflora’s small stature makes it perfect for containers and patios.

Once established, water the plant weekly for easy maintenance and let it flourish under the full sun for continuous growth. Enjoy the bevy of bees, butterflies, and birds that are drawn to the sweet perfume of this Kaleidoscope abelia variegated semi-evergreen shrub. This dwarf variety This abelia is also very heat and sun-tolerant, producing its biggest show when it receives full sun.

Kaleidoscope Abelia Shrub Care

This abelia plant is hardy in USDA Zones 6-9.

Plant Abelia Kaleidoscope in Full Sun to Part Shade for best results.

This evergreen shrub prefers well-draining, rich garden soil. Poor draining soils can often result in root rot.

Water regularly after planting, 2-3 times per week during average weather conditions. However, increased water will be required in times of intense heat and drought. After a growing season or two, your plant will rarely need supplementary water.

Fertilize your Kaleidoscope bush in spring with a slow-release Fertilizer to keep your plant well-fed and to perform at its best!

*The Abelia Kaleidoscope shrub is a deciduous/semi-evergreen plant that will go dormant during winter. When this plant is ordered during the Fall/Winter expect seasonal foliage decline (discoloration, spots, leaf drop) or the plant to arrive completely dormant.*

Spacing Recommendations 

For a seamless planting, plant your Abelia plant 2-3 feet apart from the plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 3.5+ feet apart.

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**Pre-Purchase Disclaimer: Abelia is notorious for being a light-rooting plant. Many Abelia that are shipped will have a loose rootball on arrival from the vibrations of shipping.**

Scientific Name
Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' PP16988
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
2-2.5' H x 3-3.5' W
Bloom Season
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23 reviews for Kaleidoscope Abelia

  1. Ruth Lange (verified owner)

    Very healthy plant and as usual with Plants by Mail, the packaging of the plant was excellent and delivered in a very timely manner. I have trouble finding the Kaleidescope abelia locally, so was happy to find this plant on the website.

  2. James

    Plants died ,will not not order no more of these.never had any plants died like the ones I just bought.want buy these ever again.

  3. William Sweet (verified owner)

    What is the appropriate ph for Kaladoscope. I am not getting the red coloring

  4. Edwin

    The plants arrived healthy and I would recommend plants by mail and they were much less expensive than the nurseries in my area.

  5. Jamie Tanner (verified owner)

    These plants arrived in great condition, healthy and happy! Planted approximately two weeks ago and they are thriving. Would highly recommend Plants by Mail! (and the Kaleidoscope Abelias!)

  6. Marsha Halihan (verified owner)

    Arrived in good condition. Exceeded my expectations! Will definitely buy from plantsbymail again.

  7. LS Faulconer

    Beautiful and healthy little abelias, packed well, arrived much faster than I expected. This has been my best purchase this year! Thank you!

  8. Brenda (verified owner)

    I have ordered several plants from Plantsbymail. They all arrived in great shape. They are planted now and look great. I will not hesitate to order from this company again.

  9. David (verified owner)

    We had a very hard time finding anyone selling Kaleidoscope Abelia, so we were very pleased to discover Plants by Mail. All the plants arrived in great shape and after planting are looking great. We mixed them with Miami Supreme Gardenias for contrast and are anxiously awaiting their first blooms.
    We will not hesitate to order from Plants by Mail again.

  10. Elisa Daley (verified owner)

    Kaleidoscope Abelia arrived healthy and perfect; they were nicely packed. I am so glad Plants by Mail had them in stock these plants were not available in my area. I planted them in my garden which is zone nine they are doing wonderful. I highly recommend Plants by Mail.

  11. Sara Palmquist (verified owner)

    Plants arrived well packaged! They have transplanted well and even bloomed (very surprised for such young plants) despite the heat wave this summer! Will definitely order again!

  12. Eugene Tredway (verified owner)

    Arrived quick and packaged well

  13. Donna Davis (verified owner)

    one was very wilted with shallow roots in the soil and the other wasn’t much better. I planted and consistently watered in hopes they would recover…but nope, one is already dead and the other struggling. Too pricey to purchase again. ?

    • Team PBM

      Please contact customer service for assistance.

  14. Wendy (verified owner)

    I purchased four and one is really struggling. It’s almost dead.

    • Team PBM

      Please contact customer service for assistance.

  15. Jo (verified owner)

    The only damaged plant I received in my order of four. The others were lush and full. This one had experienced some obvious heat and travel stress. Planted it anyway. It’s struggling but I think it will pull though. Fingers crossed!

  16. S Lewis (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in great condition.

  17. Kadetta Miller (verified owner)

    I live in zone 7a, North Carolina, great plant for full sun locations, very pleased with the shipment and package, I will purchase from plantbymail again and again.

  18. Anna M Jessen (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this abelia, lovely leaves and it is thriving nicely. Can’t wait to see the fall colors, but it’s pretty as is.

  19. Ann Granack (verified owner)

    I live in zone 8a and bought 1 Kaleidoscope Abelia from another company in early spring and planted it on the north side of the house with organic fertilizer. It did so well and grew to the mature size in the first season, I bought two more with plans on planting in early fall. All are doing great and bloomed like crazy from early fall through early winter. I was looking forward to the fall foliage colors in the cooler months but it doesn’t seem they got the memo.

  20. E Fox (verified owner)

    Plants by Mail take great care in packaging their plants. They came in great shape considering the time the shipping took because of Covid 19.

  21. Jeannine Sindlinger (verified owner)

    Love this shrub…..arrived in perfect condition. Planted in container and is already blooming. Beautiful shrub.

  22. Lynn (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition and is looking great in my new flower bed! Highly recommend

  23. Christy M

    Abelias are beautiful plants. Getting to see them change color with the seasons, WOW! I have two and I adore them! Thank you, Plantsbymail, for offering me plants that I can’t find elsewhere!

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