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Little Blue Fountain™ Agapanthus

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About Little Blue Fountain™ Agapanthus

The Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus from the Southern Living Plant Collection may be small, but it packs a real punch when it comes to bloom power! This Agapanthus is a prolific bloomer that sends up spectacular deep blue cluster blooms every year. Each cluster features multitudes of petite blooms with a dark blue streak in the center of each petal that fades to soft blue edges. In addition, look forward to seeing these gorgeous flowers from mid-spring through summer!

The Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus is a fast-growingsemi-dwarf variety with a naturally clumping habit. It only reaches between 1-2′ tall at maturity. Therefore, it’s incredibly easy to find a spot for it in your landscape.

The foliage is evergreen. Furthermore, its leaves are grass-like, medium-width straps with a soft, almost blueish green.

The Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus is perfect for container gardens, as a foreground plant, or in borders.

The Little Blue Fountain performs grows well in coastal climates, thanks to an impressive salt-tolerance. Additionally, it’s disease and pest resistant AND drought and heat tolerant.

Check out a couple other Agapanthus from the Southern Living Plant Collection, the Queen Mum Agapanthus, Ever Amethyst Agapanthus, and the boldly variegated Neverland Agapanthus.

Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus Care

Hardy from USDA Zones 8-10, and it’s tolerant of light frosts.

Grows best in Full Sun to Partial Shade.

Water 2-3 times per week during the first growing season. Decrease to 1-2 times per week during the second growing season. Afterwards, apply water weekly during dry weather.

Plant the Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus in rich garden soil with good drainage.

Agapanthus don’t need much extra food. However, apply a light layer of balanced fertilizer in Spring to ensure that your plant has the nutrients it requires to thrive.

Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus Spacing Recommendations

For a seamless planting, space your Little Blue Fountain Agapanthus 1-1.5 feet apart from plant center to plant center. For space between plantings, plant them 2-2.5 feet apart.

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Common Name
Little Blue Fountain™ Agapanthus
Scientific Name
Agapanthus Hybrid PP25966
USDA Zones
, , , , ,
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3 reviews for Little Blue Fountain™ Agapanthus

  1. Pamela Cocke (verified owner)

    Beautiful! Planted just after arrival two weeks ago. Still blooming! Love these dainty agapanthus!

  2. Colder (verified owner)

    Arrived in great condition – so well packaged. Plant is healthy and gorgeous. Wish I’d ordered more.
    I Love Plants By Mail!

  3. Betty grau

    Beautiful. I wanted more but couldn’t find them. Still looking.

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