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Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig

(57 customer reviews)

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About Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig

The new Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig from the Southern Living Plants is a winning addition to any landscape or garden! Figs are one of those fruits that you need to grow to fully appreciate. This is because figs only last a few days after being picked, making them difficult to keep fresh.

If you plant the Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig, you’ll find yourself laden every year with delicious dark purple figs with rich strawberry-red centers. This fruit is smooth and delightfully sweet, and you’ll get to enjoy it in both spring, as well as fall. In addition, figs are fantastic for your health, as they are high in fiber, and contain magnesium, copper, potassium, and calcium.

Furthermore, dark green leaves with deep lobes attract attention even when this shrub lacks fruit. Use it as an eye-catching accent, a fantastically textured low-hedge, or a unique mass planting.

This shrub is deciduous, meaning it will go dormant every winter, and return with a vengeance every spring. Expect it to reach 4-6′ high x 3-4′ wide once matured.

The Little Miss Figgy is more cold-hardy than other figs and is capable of growing from USDA Zones 7-10. However, this shrub also has an impressive heat tolerance, making it perfect for southern gardeners as well.

Check out a couple other Southern Living Plant Collection fruiting varieties, the Takes the Cake Blueberry, Bless Your Heart Blueberry, Osage Blackberry, Navaho Blackberry, and Prime-ark Freedom Blackberry.

*The Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig is a deciduous/semi-evergreen plant and will go dormant during the winter months. When this plant is ordered during the Fall/Winter expect seasonal foliage decline(discoloration, spots, leaf drop) or the plant to arrive completely dormant.*

Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig Care

Plant this dwarf fig in Full Sun for best results, anything less will result in low fruit production.

This fig doesn’t have strict soil requirements and is even capable of growing in heavy clay soils. Consequently, if planted in clay soil, be sure not to over-water it. Weekly waterings may be required during dry spells.

Fertilize in spring with a slow-release balanced fertilizer to get the most growth and fruit as possible from your Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig.

Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig Spacing Recommendations

Space your Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Figs 4+ feet apart to ensure that you’re able to access the fruit on all sides.

Check out some Southern Living Plant Collection Recipes featuring figs here:

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YouTube video

Common Name
Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig
Scientific Name
Ficus caria ‘Little Miss Figgy’ Dwarf PP27929
, , , , , , ,
Average Size
4–6' H x 3–4' W
Sun Exposure
Bloom Season
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57 reviews for Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig

  1. Geri (verified owner)

    Very impressed by the packaging of our fig tree. It’s very healthy and growing very nicely. It withstood some very rainy and windy days.

  2. Allison (verified owner)

    My Little Miss Figgy arrived healthy and already has new growth! Will be ordering more plants from plantsbymail.

  3. Kathy (verified owner)

    Ordered and received very quickly. Plant was healthy and looked good. Cold snap hit and I had to leave it in the pot in house for 2 weeks. Finally able to plant yesterday. Super excited to see growth.

  4. Rhonda Camacho (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and they are in the ground and growing. Looking forward to figs.

  5. Frances (verified owner)

    First experience purchasing plant by mail. Pleasantly surprised fig tree arrived so healthy. Will be ordering more plants from Plants by Mail. Customer service is also first rate. Emailed a concern and was answered promptly.

    • Team PBM

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! Your business is worth quick and prompt replies. – Christy

  6. Barbara O’Connor (verified owner)

    I read about this plant in Southern Living magazine and can’t wait to watch it grow. The plant arrived looking extremely healthy. I had my landscaper plant it for me and it already looks like it’s thriving despite a few mornings of frost.

  7. JUDY A SLAUGHTER (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants, ready to be planted

  8. Fred (verified owner)

    Plant arrived quickly and in great shape. Can’t wait to watch it grow and produce figs.

  9. Judy Cryer (verified owner)

    My plant arrived in excellent condition!!! I have planted it, and it is thriving!
    I have already placed another order from this company.

  10. Eleanor T. (verified owner)

    My “Little Miss Figgy” arrived promptly. I followed instructions for removing it from box & it was in great condition. Planted it the same day, it looks healthy and has put out beautiful new leaves. Very happy with purchase.

  11. Lorre Lei Jackson (verified owner)

    Excellent packaging and plant looked very healthy. It’s in the ground and putting out more leaves every day.

  12. Suzi

    The Little Miss Figgy arrived promptly and was very healthy looking. It too me a couple of days to get it into the ground and it continued to grow

  13. Carol (verified owner)

    My plant arrived in a timely manner in very good condition. I planted it the next day. It already has lots of new leaves and looks very healthy!

  14. Tera (verified owner)

    Miss Figgy was delivered in perfect shape. In less than 9 days, her leaves are growing and beautiful! Cant wait to get Miss Figgy a sister fig!

  15. Deborah Taylor

    Wow, this was a nice plant. Healthy and larger than I expected.

  16. Mona (verified owner)

    My fig arrived well packed and healthy. I’m excited to watch it grow and fill in the space I placed it into.

  17. Kay (verified owner)

    Love this little plant! I had to have a huge fig cut down. Can’t live without a fig tree. This looks so healthy and should be perfect. Can’t wait to put it outside. Thanks so much.

  18. Sally Munro (verified owner)

    My plant arrived much more quickly than I expected, in excellent condition with new leaves starting! Very pleased! Too early to put it outside here, but it is doing well in the house.

  19. Kay Ross (verified owner)

    The dwarf fig tree arrived in less than a week and was in perfect condition. I planted it in a pot and within a week there were healthy leaves popping out on every stem. I am thrilled with this purchase and will definitely order plants from them again.

  20. Joan Musselwhite (verified owner)

    Little Miss Figgy arrived about a week after placing the order. Packaging was great. She is in a large container pot on the patio and seems to like it there as I see new growth daily. I’m very happy with this purchase!

  21. ZoeA (verified owner)

    PkNts arrived healthy and strong. I cannot wait to see how they grow and to harvest their fruit for my family and friends:)

  22. Martha H. Smith (verified owner)

    Nice sizes plant that arrived in 2 days. It had several small leaves already on it. I recently moved it outside from my enclosed deck. It has not added any growth yet, but the leaves that were on it have gotten larger and some smaller ones seem to be coming from the stem. The upper braches have not produced yet. Hopefully, this will provide some nice foliage for my yard as well as some figs. Completely satisfied for now.

  23. Susan Davis (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in excellent condition and look very healthy! Thank you

  24. Burt Mashburn (verified owner)

    Healthy plant arrived…. Now the ball is in my court….

  25. francis walsh (verified owner)

    I ordered a “Little Miss Figgy ” plant. It arrived quickly and in good condition . I have planted and it is sending out new leaves.

  26. Liz Marshall (verified owner)

    My 2 Little Miss Figgy’s came within 2 days of shipping. Their soil was still wet and the plants were in perfect condition. Planted them 3 days later and they have started putting on new leaves.

  27. Arthur Lombardi (verified owner)

    Miss Figgy arrived dormant, but is a sturdy looking plant that arrived well-packed!

  28. Olga Swartz (verified owner)

    This is Fall and it’s getting cold. Little Miss Figgy arrived ready for winter, she lost most of her leaves but is a sturdy petite plant with figs still on her. She looks healthy and I’m looking forward to Spring when she’ll fill out with new leaves. I’m pleased with this purchase.

  29. Lynne Grinold

    Very pot bound and pruned to fit in box. Initially lost many leaves that were speckled but now putting out new ones. We’ll see…

  30. Della Brabham (verified owner)

    Little Miss Figgy was great right out of the box! She already had figs on her when she arrived. She’s now happy & growing and doing great. Thanks so much!

  31. Pamela Wercinski (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy plant

  32. Sally Mann (verified owner)

    My goodness! I just received my Little Miss Figgy tree and it’s amazing! It’s healthy and lush and arrived in a flash! You can’t go wrong with this one. I’m super excited to watch it grow and thrive. A+++

  33. Ed Hopper

    Miss Figgy arrived in a very poor condition..the bag it was in was too big so during its rough handling and travel most of the soil fell from the pot exposing the plant roots, a number of leaves dried and fell from poor plant.. The plant is in a sad condition..,I’ve just repotted it…we’ll see if it survives..

  34. Barbara Kushner

    I got mine for Mother’s Day from my wonderful sun…. It came in great shape and so far enjoying living here. I live near Philadelphia and believe it’s too cold to winter it outside…. Any suggestions how I can winter it? I love it! Thanks!

  35. Rachel

    Received plant in great condition, it was full of leaves, so far, so good.

  36. Gary L (verified owner)

    Little Miss figgy was very Pot bound but after a couple of days in the soil she looks great. I’m very happy with the price and delivery.

  37. tasleemh13

    Ordered a fig plant – little miss figgy, it arrived on time but the packaging was not good. The main stem was 60% broken along with a side stem. I have for now tried to put a tape on the stem for it to heal, not sure if it would work though. There are 3 tiny leaves on the plant right now. Hoping for it to grow well and the stem to heal

    • Team PBM

      Please reach out to customer service.

  38. Ken Garner (verified owner)

    I am a retired nurseryman and this plant was first quality and reasonably priced considering the others I found on the internet!

  39. Cheryl McF. (verified owner)

    Fig shrubs arrived quickly and in good condition. They are in the ground and doing well. Happy with purchase.

  40. Jean Virginia Popovic (verified owner)

    My little figgy arrived safely and has acclimated very well. I am in New England and keep it in a sunny, south facing window. It seems a bit leggy now. I’m hoping it will fill out with time.

  41. Laura Railton (verified owner)

    This fig arrived in Winter ’20/’21, very well packaged and in perfect condition. I live in zone 9b, so I hardened it off outside the first week after it arrived. The fig was completely dormant (just sticks!) when it arrived. I patiently waited…and waited some more…and then…leaves! Beautiful leaves and now figs! I love the smaller size of this tree and it’s beautiful. I have put myself on the waitlist for another!

    • Team PBM

      We are hoping to have another crop ready in April of 2022. With having joined the waitlist you’ll be the first to know when they are ready for purchase! – Christy

  42. af50613 (verified owner)

    I was absolutely impressed by the how robust this plant was upon arrival. There were figs on the tree(s) and so healthy. I have it growing in pots. The plants came out of dormancy and are thriving.

  43. L.M. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Ordered this plant in early February and was chagrined by what normally would have been good news that it was arriving in a couple of days. We were experiencing record cold single digit temps at the time. However, my fears were unwarranted. Miss Figgy was exceptionally well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Furthermore I received prompt and thoughtful advice from Christine when I requested information on growing this as a container plant. I just put it outside and am waiting for it to break dormancy. I can’t wait to see this beautifully structured tree develop!

    • Team PBM

      You are very kind. Thank you. Yes our Little Miss Figgys are very loved by us and our customers. So glad you joined the fan club! Happy planting!


  44. Jasmine (verified owner)

    Thank you Plants by Mail! This Little Miss Figgy exceeded my expectations. Beautifully pruned, structured for springtime growth and over two feet tall! This is no 2 inch twig which I’ve seen for sale on other websites….and have previously purchased! Well worth the price. I am impressed with the care and detail given to produce such a gorgeous specimen of nature. My family and I look forward to a bountiful harvest. Thank you!

  45. Jerry Andrews

    As usual, healthy plant delivered straight from the nursery in dormant stage. Ordered in January and don’t expect leaves until April/May. Can’t wait to transplant into a 30 gallon container for mobility in case of freezing weather.

  46. Steve Jackson (verified owner)

    Great price, ordered on Friday and received the following Thursday. Well packed for shipment. Arrived dormant, late February and roots looked healthy. Can’t wait to plant in March.

  47. WILLIAM MADORA (verified owner)

    We love our Miss Figgy! It arrived packaged well flushed with leaves. It lost quite a few leaves, but within 3 weeks the tree had more than replenished the leaves with new growth and many figs! We proudly display Miss Figgy on our sunny porch for everyone to see.

  48. Lupe Ruttiger (verified owner)

    Great looking plant, nice size, and packaged well. Thank you to Plants By Mail for a great product!

  49. Susan Michling (verified owner)

    Little Miss Figgy arrived safe, healthy and very happy! She is thriving in her new container!

  50. Chris M. (verified owner)

    I contacted customer service when I hadn’t received my plant within two weeks because of a FedEx issue . Christy quickly and kindly responded and had another sent out immediately. Christy is also quite helpful in answering any questions you may have via email. I have transplanted my Little Miss Figgy into a larger container and she is quite happy, just over a week after receiving her. 🙂

    • nick norman

      Thank you for your kind words. I am pleased you’re pleased. The Little Miss Figgy is one of my favorites too! I have purchased one from too and it’s growing beautifully at home just sitting back and soaking up the sunshine. – Christy

  51. Lois K Rankin (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect shape. I planted in a container for now in full sun and doing great!

  52. Kathy Robinson

    Love the health of the Little Miss Figgy plant.

  53. Mary

    This is a beautiful little tree.It arrived healthy and took off once planted. It has two figs on it, already, three weeks later.

  54. Sharon P (verified owner)

    I’m so excited about my Little Miss Figgy! I had an issue with my shipment and Christy jumped right in and helped me. Fabulous customer service!!

    • nick norman

      You’re very Kind Ms Sharon, thank you! – Christy

  55. Janice Rea

    Little miss figgy plant

  56. Emory Christian (verified owner)

    The best packaged mail order plant that I recall receiving. “Little Miss Figgy” looked exactly how her names sound, cute, cute, cute! I can’t wait to taste her fruit, fruit, fruit!

  57. Mena H Brock (verified owner)

    Little Miss Figgy arrived in great shape and is planted in our greenhouse. She is flourishing there and is a lovely plant. We are looking forward to the delicious figs.

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